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Colder Weather On Its Way But Summer Heatwave Isn't Quite Over

Colder Weather On Its Way But Summer Heatwave Isn't Quite Over

Plenty of people have pointed out the irony of England's World Cup run coinciding with the best weather we've seen in years, only for that weather to break almost immediately and drench us all as soon as the Three Lions lost the semi-final.

Thankfully, the sun has returned to our shores for an encore - as England will with the third place playoff match against Belgium - though weather forecasters are now predicting that it might well herald the onset of some seriously bad weather.


"Much of England and Wales is going to see a hot one to come today," said a Met Office spokesperson.

"In the south east today we could see 31C as a high temperature but there will be cloud and rain for parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"Tomorrow temperatures could be even higher, there's a chance of 31/32C.

"But there will be come and rain for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland again.


"On Monday there could be a few heavy showers but again we could see some high temperature still."

It shouldn't be surprising to anyone to hear that hot weather can occasionally turn into a thunderstorm, so we should have been bracing ourselves for this for a few weeks now, but what is less predictable is the return of cold weather to the UK.

"Eventually it will be fresher weather that wins out, by the time we get on to Tuesday," said the Met Office spokesperson.

"Less hot is the best way to describe next week, but it will still be warm. There will be some sunny spells but there will be a few showers around that could be heavy and thundery.

"That's when [the temperature] will go back. It will be still sunny, above average, but there's nothing suggesting temperatures will go back to what we had the last couple of weeks."

Thankfully, it doesn't mean the end of our barbeque summer just yet. We're still only in July and there are a few more weeks of excellent weather still due, with August and even early September still expected to be predominantly sunny.

And remember, even though England are gone, the World Cup is nearly over and Wimbledon is winding down this weekend, we can still look forward to the return of test cricket, the Tour de France - with potentially British winners - and, yes, the Premier League kicking off again in just a month's time.

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