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Devon Traffic Wardens 'Running Out Of Tickets' Due To Illegally Parked Cars Near Beach

Devon Traffic Wardens 'Running Out Of Tickets' Due To Illegally Parked Cars Near Beach

Police in Devon said traffic wardens had handed out so many tickets they were running low and urged people not to 'abandon' their cars

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Traffic wardens in Barnstaple in Devon are running out of tickets due to the number of motorists who have illegally parked in the area to go and visit the beach.

Beaches and beauty spots across England have been absolutely packed out following the recent hot weather and the relaxation of some social distancing measures.

Police in Ilfracombe posted on Twitter to say that people were coming from 'all over the country' to visit the area's beaches and urged people not to visit.

In a tweet, the force wrote: "Roads towards the north Devon coast are now gridlocked. We have vehicles from all over the country identified, please do not travel here.

"We will still be here when this is over so come back when it's safe to do so."

A post from Barnstaple Police warned motorists their cars could be towed away if necessary.

"Traffic wardens are running out of tickets," the post read. "Do not abandon your cars emergency vehicles can't get though! They will be towed away!"

One officer tweeted: "Sadly every double yellow line from Woolacombe to Morthoe is covered with cars and vans. Cars mounting pavements to get by whilst pedestrians try to cross the road. All the offences have been recorded and will be processed in due course."

On Wednesday, a resident from nearby Woolacombe took photos out of his window showing dozens of cars lined up, waiting to get to the beach.

He told the Daily Mail: "It is unbelievable the amount of thoughtless visitors we have had, parking illegally and causing the roads to be blocked and preventing use of the footpath. They blocked the whole footpath. There is no way a fire engine or ambulance could get down that.

"It is totally senseless."

Earlier this week photos were shared on social media showing beaches across England full of people, many of whom had travelled miles to be there.

One woman told ITV News she had made the journey from Leicester to Southend, saying: "I came from Leicester and I came here because there is the sea and I like to take the energy from it.

"I put up my perimeter. It's very important to keep social distancing."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Sgt_BJ_DCPolice

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