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Dogs Star In The Best Nativity Scene We've Ever Seen

Dogs Star In The Best Nativity Scene We've Ever Seen

Wags To Riches Pet Services have just made our Christmas with this awesome nativity scene featuring some of their canine friends in towels

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Remember the recent furore over Greggs' advent calendar and the nativity scene it depicted featuring - shock! horror! - sausage rolls instead of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the three wise men?

Well, here's an even better nativity scene - faithfully created by Wags To Riches Pet Services (and what a name that is!) with just our canine friends in towels.

Yes, even baby Jesus, who's portrayed here by a tiny Labrador Retriever, just like the Andrex puppy.

The adorable scene was created by the husband and wife team, who are based in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire and offer dog grooming, walking, home boarding and pet sitting services. Which is probably the best job in the world, until you have to say goodbye.

The picture was initially tweeted by by Wags To Riches, and then found its way onto Reddit, where a lot of people actually seemed to really enjoy it.

On Twitter the response was overwhelmingly positive:

One Tweet probably summed it better than anything else, though, by using the perfect GIF, taken from Parks & Recreation. Be still our beating hearts.

In fact, Wags To Riches Pet Services created a similar nativity scene using pups and towels the previous year, but that one didn't go viral.

Life's funny like that, isn't it? We're guessing the success of this one is all to do with the baby Jesus dog. They're never going to top that. Or will they? We'll probably find out next year.

Words: Mischa Pearlman

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / Wags to Riches Pet Services

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