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Shocking Footage Shows ​Paramedic Verbally Abused By Driver For Parking Ambulance In Street

Shocking Footage Shows ​Paramedic Verbally Abused By Driver For Parking Ambulance In Street

It's a tough job being a paramedic as they face the often-thankless task of trying to save people's lives - sometimes when they're not wanted.

But getting a volley of abuse from a member of the public just for doing your job is a different thing altogether.



Credit: Ami Garner

A video has shown the moment that a paramedic received a barrage of f-bombs from an angry motorist frustrated by how their ambulance was parked.

The video shows the poor paramedic getting flak from the man to the point that she called him a "fucking idiot" in return.


The footage, which is believed to have been filmed in Merseyside, shows the man yelling at the medic in a narrow street where an ambulance is parked.

The emergency services vehicle is parked in the middle of the street, blocking the way for other drivers, while the woman is attending a house.

The man looks to say to the medic that the vehicle's hazard lights should be on, with the medic replying that "someone's ill upstairs".

"How do we know?" the man yells, implying that he couldn't tell the vehicle was parked. "Where's his fucking hazards?"

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"Because it's a fucking yellow vehicle," the paramedic looks to say out-of-shot. There's someone ill. Sounds fair cop to me.

Image: Facebook/Ami Garner

"I can't tell from down there," the man adds, pointing down the road where his own car is parked. "Can you explain that, you fucking idiot?"

"You're the fucking idiot," the paramedic mutters as she comes in shot to tend to the back of the ambulance.

"You're the fucking idiot," the man replies as he heads back to his car, before threatening: "I've got your reg(istration) by the way."

"It's OK, I'll pass it to the police," the paramedic replies.

"Fucking dickhead. Fucking go do your job properly," he says, starting up his car and driving off.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday afternoon by Ami Garner of Runcorn, Cheshire, who urged people to watch and share it.

"So this is the abuse our paramedics face for parking in the street whilst saving a life!!!" she commented.

As you'd expect, the video has already gone viral - at the time of writing it has now been watched over 863,000 times.

People commenting on the video don't look to be on the man's side. It may be frustrating to him, but surely saving a life takes temporary priority?

Featured Image Credit: Ami Garner

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