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​'Dirty Old Man' Halloween Costume With Fake Penis Slammed By Sex Attack Survivors

​'Dirty Old Man' Halloween Costume With Fake Penis Slammed By Sex Attack Survivors

The £24.99 costume features a long coat with a naked man’s body underneath, including a large fake penis

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative and think of an outfit that will blow everyone's minds away - either because it's absolutely ingenious or just downright hilarious.

But along with these light-hearted, amusing outfits also come looks that aren't quite so harmless - including this 'Dirty Old Man' one, which has been criticised for being 'offensive' and 'triggering' to sex attack victims.

Jokers' Masquerade

The £24.99 costume is being sold via Luton-based online retailer Jokers' Masquerede, and features a long coat with a naked man's body underneath, including a large fake penis.

There is also a similar 'Groping Granny' alternative sold on the site for £27.99.

Child sex abuse survivor Lisa Cybaniak, 44, said the costume made her 'want to vomit'.

The self-employed motivational speaker and life coach from Abingdon, Oxfordshire said: "The 'dirty old man' part of this costume makes me want to vomit.

"I've been dominated over, by what was a 'dirty older man' for me at that age, and it nearly destroyed me.

"As a survivor of 10 years of child abuse, if I saw someone wearing this costume on the street, I would be filled with anger."


She also continued to say that she found the 'Groping Granny offensive as well, adding: "The name of this costume is extremely offensive, not to mention the vulgarity of the costume itself.

"For me, it brings up my past reality - that I had no control and was not strong enough to fend off my attacker.

"This costume is a trigger for me, as a survivor, on many levels."

Indecent exposure, as the costume refers to, involves an individual deliberately exposing their genitals with the intention of somebody seeing - and causing them distress in the process.

Pauline Fynn, who is a domestic abuse victim, also feels that both costumes send a 'bad message'.

The 51-year-old, who hails from Kingston Upon Thames, now runs The Believe Foundation, a charity which works towards the rehabilitation of victims and educating children.

Jokers' Masquerade

She said: "They are extremely tasteless and offensive and it would appear that the manufacturer gave no thought to the impact and potential triggers that these costumes could have on victims that have endured sexual offences.

"In terms of the 'dirty old man', the manufacturer appears to be glamorising the idea of a sex offender, which sends the wrong message.

"A young person could purchase this costume.

"The 'groping granny', is certainly sending a very bad message and I have concerns that this kind of costume would only encourage individuals that are in need of specific treatment and not yet able to control themselves."

Elaine Jenkins - who is from Counselling Directory, which provides contacts for counsellors and psychotherapists for victims - also said the costumes could be triggering.

She explained: "Sexual assault or abuse leaves many triggers.

"As these costumes are encouraging wear by partygoers, by flaunting body parts in a grotesque manner who knows how many people who are victims of sexual crimes may be triggered."

The company also hit headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this week for selling a 'Blade Gunner' costume. This was supposedly styled on Oscar Pistorious, and came with running blades and a toy gun.

Featured Image Credit: Jokers' Masquerade

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