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Police Are Worried Over New Snapchat Trend Where People Hang Off Bridges

Police Are Worried Over New Snapchat Trend Where People Hang Off Bridges

Planking was a fad that swept across the world and anyone desperate for a few likes on social media would do it anywhere. Thankfully, it's a trend that is well and truly gone, but that doesn't mean that people don't try to invent new things to cause a chuckle.

There is, indeed, a new fad, but it doesn't seem like anyone's laughing.


Inspector Jim Jones wrote on Twitter last night that officers attached to Greater Manchester were called out to several incidents involving people on motorways. But this isn't a mental health or self-harm issue, it's a new Snapchat 'challenge'.

Apparently, you're supposed to lean over a bridge and take a snap of the trick or get a mate to help you out. Suffice to say: this is pretty dumb. It's up there with the people who scale massive buildings or construction sites, you're taking a massive risk and you have to accept the repercussions.


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One person wrote: "Absolutely shocking. Why are the parents letting their kids do this for shits and giggles, and if it's not the kids then why are 18+yr olds doing this? Social media has taken over."

Another added: "Just what police need when real crimes are being committed how on earth are they supposed to do their job."

The craze has developed to the point where Bury Police has issued a statement, urging parents to step in and tell their kids to stay away from motorway bridges.

"There have been recent reports of youths climbing over bridges to take photos of vehicles passing below - following Snapchat/Facebook requests," the message read.

"These places are very dangerous places and people are putting themselves in danger."

There were three separate incidents reported to police in less than 90 minutes of each other, happening on the M66 and M60. Thankfully, no one has been injured yet from this fad but it only takes a tiny mistake for the challenge to be fatal.

If you don't believe me, then look at all the injuries that resulted from planking. Sure, those who lied on the ground were fine, but the people who planked on moving cars, bridges and balconies didn't fare so well.

A 20-year-old bloke died in Queensland, Australia after he plunged from a seventh-floor balcony and is considered the first death from the craze.

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