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Woman Orders 'Elf' DVD Gets Sent 24 Condoms Instead

Woman Orders 'Elf' DVD Gets Sent 24 Condoms Instead

Where would we be without online shopping, eh? If you've had to go into a physical shop to do your Christmas shopping, then you really do have my sympathy, because sitting on your arse and doing all your shopping via your laptop is clearly the best way to do it.

It's a Godsend at Christmas, whether you're a lazy bastard (like me) or a busy parent. However, one woman who turned to Amazon to do a bit of shopping was shocked with what she received.


Shireen Phillips used the online retailer to get an Elf DVD for her little girl to watch on Christmas Eve, only to receive a 24-pack of condoms instead. I'm really not sure how those two things could be mixed up, but here we are.

Credit: SWNS

Shireen ordered a copy of the DVD for her four-year-old daughter, but when the little girl opened she was confused, asking: "What's this daddy?'

Twenty-five-year old Shireen, who has two kids and is pregnant with her third, said: "I've never had a problem with Amazon before and feel let down - especially so close to Christmas.


"We had promised her the movie to watch on Christmas Eve and it was out of stock so all they did was refund me.

"At first I thought someone was playing a joke on us as I'm 34 weeks pregnant with our third.

"I thought someone was hinting at something."

But after telling Amazon about the odd delivery on its Facebook page, the retailer has said it is investigating the matter.

On the Facebook page, she wrote: "So....ordered Elf blu Ray for my daughter for Christmas Eve and we receive 24 condoms instead!

"Normally I'd laugh about this but not we've promised our four-year-old it'd arrive today."

She has been offered a refund and an apology following the mix up, after she was told that a replacement DVD couldn't be found.

She added: "I am very disappointed, I've shopped with them for years. To receive that just before Christmas is not nice, but for my daughter to open it was disgusting.

"Amazon only offered a refund and that's it - no compensation or anything."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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