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Wetherspoon Is Selling 16 Pubs Across The UK

Wetherspoon Is Selling 16 Pubs Across The UK

JD Wetherspoon has made the decision (heart breaking for some) to close 16 pubs across the UK.

Those on the chopping block will be 14 Wetherspoon's and two of the company's Lloyd Bars that are dotted around England, Wales and Scotland.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Here's a full list of the ones up for sale.

  • Chapel an Gansblydhen, Bodmin, Cornwall (Lloyds)
  • Brun Lea, Burnley, Lancashire (Lloyds)
  • Vulcan, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire
  • Time Piece, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
  • Bourtree, Hawick, Scottish Borders
  • Last Plantagenet, Leicester, East Midlands
  • Queens Hotel, Newport, Wales
  • Isaac Merritt, Paignton, Devon
  • The Cross Keys, Peebles, Scottish Borders
  • St George's Hall, Redfield, Bristol
  • Pennsylvanian, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
  • Rhinoceros, Rotherham, South Yorkshire
  • Butler's Bell, Stafford, Staffordshire
  • Friar Penketh, Warrington, Cheshire
  • Dee Hotel, West Kirkby, Merseyside
  • Alexander Bain, Wick, Caithness

Some of you will be saying: "Not the George's Hall," or "But the Vulcan was where I went every week with me ma."

If you've got a couple of quid spare, you could always buy the pub yourself or better yet, pool your money with your mates and then you'd be able to run it together.

Now that's a nifty idea.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

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The Sun reports there's no clear reason why these 16 pubs have been chosen; could be because of declining sales or bad location.

There have been a whopping 11,000 Wetherspoon's pubs close over the last decade, so it's no surprise that these establishments are in a constant state of flux.

Thankfully though, there's still 39,000 around the UK that you can get your cheap food and beer from.


The restaurant and pub chain recently tried to appeal to vegans by offering a meat and dairy free breakfast - but it wasn't well received.

Graham Thompson wasn't impressed with his vegan breakfast at a Wetherspoon pub. Credit: Graham Thompson
Graham Thompson wasn't impressed with his vegan breakfast at a Wetherspoon pub. Credit: Graham Thompson

Graham Thompson brought the grievance to the table on the Vegan UK Facebook page, sharing a picture of his brekkie with the caption: "Disappointed with the Wetherspoon's Vegan breakfast this morning. Small... half the plate filled up with a piece of toast. Am I being just harsh and greedy?"

Judging by the response to his post, it seemed the general consensus was that Mr Thompson wasn't being either harsh or greedy.


One person said: "One mushroom and HALF a tomato?? What are they saving the other half for?? Most places do double this AND you get two slices of toast, jam and hot drink in the side!"

Obviously, a full English is going to be inherently different for a vegan, what with the lack of meat and eggs. But the absence of beans is a tough pill to swallow, considering they could provide some much needed wetness.

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