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​Woman Blames Cat For Accidentally Sending Rude Photos To Stranger

​Woman Blames Cat For Accidentally Sending Rude Photos To Stranger

She claims this mishap wasn’t actually her fault, but that of her five-month-old kitten

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Mobile phones are great, but we've all sent the wrong thing to the wrong person - though usually it's a screenshot of an uncomfortable conversation that you accidentally send to the person you were talking to, or a selfie you've mistakenly taken with your front-facing camera (I'm looking at you, Dad).

That wasn't the case for this woman, who ended up accidentally sending a photo of her bare breasts to a car seller when enquiring about a luxury motor.

However, she's claiming this mishap wasn't actually her fault, but that of her cat.

Serenna and her cat, Angel.
Kennedy News

Serenna Derosa had taken the snap to document her newly-enhanced 34H chest, but it ended up getting sent over to a private seller on Facebook Messenger, where she had been enquiring about an Audi A3 listed for sale on Friday morning.

Glamour model Serenna soon realised what had happened, and quickly sent an apology to the seller, who has seen her message but is yet to reply. Awkward.

Serenna, 27, is convinced that her mischievous five-month-old kitten Angel is the purr-perrator, and thinks her moggy must have scampered over the unlocked screen when she left her phone unattended.

A screenshot of the accidental exchange.
Kennedy News

Serenna, from Derby, Derbyshire, said: "When I realised what I'd sent I was like, 'Oh my god, I could die right now, this is so bad.' I just wanted the ground to swallow me up.

"I swear it wasn't me and that it was my kitten Angel.

"I placed my phone on the bed and went downstairs to make a cup of tea.

"When I came back upstairs my kitten was next to my phone, which was face down.

"I mustn't have turned the lock on my screen on and all these pictures were selected.

"Angel's obviously sat on the phone while unlocked and somehow selected these pictures.

Kennedy News

"I didn't know what to do and tried deleting them but it said it wouldn't allow me to delete for both people - it would only delete for me.

"He's opened the message and seen it but not said anything."

Serenna had been browsing online for a new car, and had messaged 30 people enquiring about cars for sale on Facebook - including the seller of the 2008 Audi A3 that had been listed for £2,100.

Her initial message read: "Is this still available?"

But before she knew it, she saw she'd somehow sent three photos to the seller - including the intimate photo, one showing her breast operation scar and a photo of someone suffering from rickets. Erm, OK.

Serenna then messaged the seller, writing: "Holy f*** I'm so so sorry.

"How do I delete this my phone just s*****d out omg.

"I wanna die."

Kennedy News

Web cam agency and strip club boss Serenna - who currently drives a baby blue Peugeot 207 convertible - was mortified by what happened.

She continued: "I had no idea how I was going to explain the picture of someone with rickets and the breast implant infection picture.

"I felt really rude blocking him to try and delete the pictures - in the end I was lying on my bed laughing my head off.

"The rickets picture was because my friend had been chatting to a guy [online] for months and when she went to meet him he'd lied about his height by about six inches and had rickets.

The car Serenna was after.
Kennedy News

"I sent it to my friend as a joke to wind her up.

"I got an infection after I had a boob job and had to take pictures every two days to send to the surgeon to make sure I was ok and it didn't spread - that's where that pic came from."

Serenna added: "My friends said it was absolutely hilarious and joked about me getting a decent deal on the car, but I'm terrified to use Facebook now.

"I've given up hope on getting this Audi, I think I'll go for a BMW or a Mercedes now after this - it's put me off Audis for life.

"It's been a massive lesson learned in terms of leaving Angel near my phone in future. I'm definitely going to keep the lock on my phone from now on."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

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