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Woman Complains To Sainsbury's After Weighing 500g Of Mince On Scales

Woman Complains To Sainsbury's After Weighing 500g Of Mince On Scales

It's a valid complaint, guys

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A shopper has shared a photo of a 500g packet of minced beef she bought from Sainsbury's, after weighing it and realising she had been short changed.

The packet of mince that she'd purchased from the British supermarket chain actually only had 478g in it, meaning she was down 22g of mince.

She said: "Erm @sainsburys this was supposed to be a 500g pack, where's the rest? #shortchanged"


Now, this might not seem like a lot, but imagine if every single packet had 22g less in - it just doesn't bear thinking about.

Well, the poster, who we've decided to keep anonymous, did have some support.

One person replied saying that it's illegal, while another, who may or may not have been taking the p***, tagged the Metropolitan Police in the hope of getting to the bottom of the crime.


A customer service advisor from Sainsbury's dutifully replied to the tweet, writing: "Sorry your mince was short of the 500 grams.

"Please DM me on the link below with the store this was purchased from, along with your full name, address and Nectar card number. Brandon."

But, Twitter being the app it is, people have seen the funny side and decided to go all out on letting their thoughts be known about the original tweet.

One person quote-tweeted the original poster, saying: "What do you want them to do, slip 22g of loose ground beef through your letterbox tomorrow morning?"

Another, in reference to Birmingham City retiring their 22 shirt, said: "They've retired 22g of beef in honour of Jude Bellingham, have some respect."

Very relevant, like it a lot.

But, as is the way with social media, one person went all out for the sake of the likes.

One user posted a video where he could be seen walking around Sainsbury's with some scales in his trolley, testing the weight of the minced beef, as you can see here:

He can be heard singing: "Beef mince... 500 grams!"

Then, when the lucky beggar tips the scales at an impressive 519g, he can be heard saying: "Oooh, bonus!"

Bonus indeed, Glen!

But, as someone pointed out, it's less likely that he had the original tweeters extra mince there, and it's probably the weight of the packaging.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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