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Woman Gets Greggs Tattoo And Asks For A 'Free Pasty'

Woman Gets Greggs Tattoo And Asks For A 'Free Pasty'

'Don't be nasty, smash the pasty'

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Picture the scene. It's Monday morning, you wake up with the hangover to end all hangovers. You think, 'Surely things can't get any worse,' only to come to the crushing realisation that you have work in half an hour and an appraisal meeting with your boss.

Today is gonna be tough. There is but only one thing that can save you now, glimmering like a mirage in the distance along the high street - it is, of course, Greggs.

Now, whereas most of us know this feeling all too well, very few are willing to have the chain's name emblazoned on our skin for eternity.

Teenager Nicole Reed, however, isn't like most, and during her first girls' holiday, the self-confessed 'pasty lover' got the brand's logo tattooed on her thigh.

The 19-year-old shared the picture of her Greggs tattoo on Twitter.
Triangle News

So proud of the artwork was she, that the Mancunian shared a photo of it on Twitter, even tagging Greggs.

The photo was posted with the caption: "@GreggsOfficial what's a girl gotta do to get a free pasty."

She explained: "I got the tattoo because I love Greggs. I love sausage rolls and I just wanted to show my dedication to them."

And known for their fantastic customer service, it didn't take long for Greggs to respond to her request, pointing out a fatal flaw.

The firm asked: "Obviously a fan then?" Before joking: "Should've got a sausage roll tattooed."

Despite being rebuffed by the baker, however, the 19-year-old came back saying: "Don't be nasty, smash the pasty," later adding: "Sausage roll Nicole."

She even tried to cadge a few pasties off the bakery chain.
Triangle News

But not everyone was too impressed with Nicole's ploy to cadge some free baked goods.

Commenting on her post, one person said: "You could have bought 40 for the price of the tattoo. Genius."

Wile another pointed out the fact that: "They cost like not even £2 for f*** sake."

A third critic said: "With the money you spent on this you could have had about 50 pasties. Silly Billy."

Some even hit out at the quality of the tattoo, with one person claiming it looked more like a biro than a tattoo.

Nicole eventually had enough of the hate and told people to get over it.

Sadly, however, Greggs said Nicole should have got a sausage roll tat instead.
Triangle News

She wrote: "Idk why everyone's hating on me for my Greggs tattoo. Why you all so bothered it's not on your leg is it. Give over."

But on the bright side, Nicole isn't the only one who is going the extra mile to show her appreciation for her favourite meal.

During her time at university, Lizzie Proctor, from Bournemouth, became known as the 'meal deal queen', religiously buying the same one - chicken wrap, cheese and onion crisps and a Lucozade - every day from Tesco during her time as a student. Without fail.

So, to immortalise her love affair with Tesco's southern fried chicken wrap, she roped in the services of Becky Baggins Tattoo, who works at Immaculate Chaos Tattoo Collaborative in Bournemouth, to ink up her favourite combo.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Triangle News

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