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Woman Given Driving Ban After Being Found Drunk Driving On E-Scooter

Woman Given Driving Ban After Being Found Drunk Driving On E-Scooter

She was found to be almost three times the legal limit

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman has been given a driving ban after she was found drunk driving an e-scooter.

Kyah Jordan, 20, is the first woman to be convicted of drink driving while on an e-scooter and was almost three times over the legal limit.

Jordan was collared by cops when she went through a red light and almost hit an unmarked police car.

At court, it was claimed Jordan was driving so slowly that she did not pose a danger to anyone, but magistrates said that being drunk in charge of the e-scooter is 'the same as a moped, the same as bus'.

The e-scooter.

Jordan was seen driving through Newport on the Isle of Wight in December, after she had been out drinking rum with a friend.

The pals then decided to rent some e-scooters from outside a supermarket.

Jordan had never ridden one of the vehicles before and was seen by police heading straight for them after failing to stop at a red light.

The police said they had 'little doubt' she would have been left inured had she collided with them.

The officers, who were in an unmarked car, told Jordan to stop but she failed to do - prompting them t run after her.

When they caught up with her, they say they could smell the booze on her breath.

Jordan was handed a two-year driving ban and told she must carry out 40-hours of community service.

At the time of the incident, Isle of Wight Police posted on social media: "This evening, the rider of the E-scooter pictured below, found herself under arrest on suspicion of drink driving.

"The rider was subsequently charged and will appear in court in due course.

Stock image of a woman on an e-scooter.

"The use of E-Scooters whilst intoxicated will not be tolerated."

Last month, a man in London was charged with drink driving after he fell off his e-scooter and landed on his dog's leg, breaking it.

The incident, which happened in London's Hyde Park on Boxing Day, saw the man come off his scooter while carrying his dog.

In a post on social media, Royal Parks Police said: "Rider of e-scooter came off in Hyde Park last night. Had been drinking and was carrying his dog.

"The dog suffered a broken leg. Rider arrested drink driving and the dog was taken to the vet.

"Rider charged drink driving and no insurance. The dog is recovering."

Featured Image Credit: Solent

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