​Woman Given Wonky Breasts Two Cup Sizes Apart After Botched Surgery In Turkey

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​Woman Given Wonky Breasts Two Cup Sizes Apart After Botched Surgery In Turkey


A 28-year-old woman has been left with a wonky chest after not one but two botched boob jobs abroad.

Holly McCulloch paid £2,700 for a breast enlargement operation in Turkey, which included a five-day all-inclusive stay in a villa.

Initially Holly, who is 5ft 6 and a dress size 8, was given G-cup sized breasts, but woke up in absolute agony and had to be wheeled back into surgery to have the implants removed.


She then returned to the clinic five months later and was given D-cup breasts.

Holly, 28. Credit: SWNS
Holly, 28. Credit: SWNS

However, on the flight home, she 'felt like she was dying', and later found that she had an infection in one of her breasts - with UK doctors later discovering a blister that turned black.

She also heard a 'ripping' sound, and found the implant in her left breast poking out.


Holly, from Greasby, Wirral, was told she would have to have the left implant removed or the infection would kill her, meaning she now has a mismatched chest with one B-cup and one D-cup.

One of her breasts is now a D-cup, while the other is a B-cup. Credit: SWNS
One of her breasts is now a D-cup, while the other is a B-cup. Credit: SWNS

She said: "I've been self-conscious about my boobs for as long as I can remember. I've always been really flat-chested and it's something that began to really bring me down as I got older.

"When I saw the ad for the clinic pop up on Instagram I thought it looked amazing. There were pictures of this lovely villa and loads of gorgeous girls who had had work done there.


"There were even a few celebs and I thought it couldn't be dodgy if high profile people were choosing it.

"I just can not believe how this has all turned out. When I first booked in with the clinic I was so excited and felt so positive.

"I booked in for breast implants so I could feel more confident about my body, but I've been left feeling worse than ever - I feel like a total freak."

Holly had spotted an advert on Instagram, and exchanged messages with the clinic in Turkey, via Whatsapp, before booking herself in for the surgery in August 2018.


"I thought it was a bit weird because it didn't seem very official, but I never paid a penny until I got there so that reassured me," she said.

"There was a phone call at one point with a man with a London accent and that put any worries I had to rest."

Flying in to Istanbul from Manchester, Holly found the villa was not the same as the one on Instagram.

"It definitely needed a lick of paint, but it wasn't bad enough to put me off," she said.


"There were other girls there who spoke English and I met a nurse who could understand me a little bit, but for the most part we had to communicated using a Google translate app.

"After I'd gone up and settled into my room the coordinator came to see me and get payment - £2,700.

"He just said don't eat after 12pm and that someone would come and collect me at 7am the next day to take me and the other girls to meet the doctor."

Holly before the surgery. Credit: SWNS
Holly before the surgery. Credit: SWNS

Holly went to the hospital the following morning for what she thought would be a consultation.

"It was a lot less formal than I'd expected - I had waited for about five hours when they called me in to see the doctor, and I just had to take my top off and tell them what I wanted," she explained.

"I just said 'big boobs' and he gave me a high five - I thought it was bizarre, I was still topless! I then said the cup size I wanted - G - and that was that."

Holly said she wasn't shown the implants ahead of her surgery, but was too 'nervous' and 'intimated' to question it.

She explained: "The first time I really started to feel worried was when they sedated me in the elevator - I didn't expect that at all.

"Obviously I started to get woozy pretty quickly and the last thing I remember from before the surgery was the doctor saying to me 'you wake up with big boobies!'"

But when Holly came around, she noticed something was wrong.

"I woke up in the dark in absolute agony and immediately noticed that I'd wet myself and vomited on my chest," she said.

"It hadn't been cleaned up and I remember thinking I looked like I'd been through medieval torture.

"A nurse soon came in, turned the light on and started to wash me. I noticed that my boobs were massive but was in too much pain to be happy.

"Each time she touched me, I was in agony, it was like my chest was on fire - all I could do was sign for her to pass me my phone and I frantically typed into the translator 'I can't take anymore'.

"She brought some doctors in and I could barely breathe with the pain. They said nothing, they just wheeled me back down to surgery."

When Holly woke up again, the implants were gone.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

"I was devastated," she said.

"All I could see was loose, saggy skin, all stretched out from the huge implants."

"The pain was mostly gone, but I was terrified. I got my phone and called my friend, Stephanie, and broke down."

Holly recalls the coordinator seemingly trying to place the blame on her, telling her: "I told you no boobs!"

She said: "He suggested I go home to heal and come back for free for replacement implants - I just quickly agreed, feeling like I was to blame for requesting such large implants."

When she had fully healed, Holly flew back to the clinic in January 2019 for D-cup implants.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

"I woke up and looked down and this time they looked great," she said.

"I was immediately happy - it looked like what I'd always expected, just like a boob job."

But Holly started to deteriorate at the villa the following day, with cold sweats and her temperature sky-rocketing to 40.

The following day, Holly flew home.

"During the flight I became extremely nauseous and I leaned forward at one point to vomit - but fell forward right on to my boobs," she said.

"I screamed out in pain - I'd never felt anything like it, it was like being hit with a car. The cabin crew gave me oxygen and arranged for a wheelchair to be waiting for me in Amsterdam airport, where I had a connecting flight to Manchester."

When Holly landed, she was taken to a medical room in the airport and given antibiotics, pain killers and a cooling gel.

"The doctor told me I had an infection and made me rest for a few hours before I got a flight home.

"They made me promise I'd get myself to hospital as soon as I landed - it was terrifying.

"The cabin crew for the second flight gave me a whole row so I could lie out, and an ambulance was waiting for me in Manchester to take me to hospital."

Holly showed doctors in Manchester her implants, where they spotted a large blister along the incision mark of the left breast.

The black blister. Credit: SWNS
The black blister. Credit: SWNS

She was given antibiotics and sent home to recover, but continued to feel unwell.

"Each day I was waking up with a top soaked in green and yellow gunge," she said.

"But I became even more worried when the skin across the blister turned back - it was like a huge hole under my breast and I became convinced I'd been given black implants."

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Holly then went to Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, before being transferred to Countess of Chester Hospital for a night.

"The doctor in Chester told me the black hole was dead skin. I was shocked that no one had told me before - I'd clearly been really worried about what was going on," Holly said.

She was eventually discharged and told the skin would grow back, but she became concerned when the hold started to smell like 'rotten meat' and seep a yellowish liquid.

Changing her six-year-old son Brad's clothes, things took a turn for the worse.

"I lifted my son's jeans up and heard a ripping sound - I looked down and the implant was poking out," Holly said.

"I was horrified and couldn't believe it was happening to me."

Holly went back to hospital and was told the hole was now 7cm wide, before being transferred by ambulance to the hospital in Chester to the specialist plastic surgeon.

Holly said: "The surgeon came over almost immediately when I was settled in the ward with a consent form.

"I asked what it was for and he explained they had to remove the left implant.

"I asked what the alternative was and he told me if it wasn't removed, the infection would end up killing me.

"I signed it and sobbed all night. I was so heartbroken that, after all I'd gone through to finally feel happy with my body, I was going to look worse than before."

The implant was removed the following day.

"I woke up and remember immediately noticing how different it was to the hospital in Turkey," Holly said.

Holly's breasts now. Credit: SWNS
Holly's breasts now. Credit: SWNS

"I was clean, wrapped in blankets and had a nurse with me.

"I felt my chest and it was obvious without even looking that there was a massive difference in the size - I didn't need to look in the mirror to know I looked disfigured."

Holly was discharged five days later and given antibiotics and pain relief.

She is now waiting three months for a private £1,000 operation on the smaller breast.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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