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Woman Hasn't Left Her Home In Years Due To Severe Phobia Of Vomit

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Woman Hasn't Left Her Home In Years Due To Severe Phobia Of Vomit

A woman hasn't left her home for six years due to an intense phobia of vomit, known as emetophobia.

Emma Davies, 35, says the severe phobia has completely 'taken over her life', which leaves her housebound and suffering from panic attacks.

The mum-of-one, who lives in Swansea, said: "A lot of people are scared of sick, or being sick, but it doesn't get to the point where it takes over their life.

Credit: Media Wales
Credit: Media Wales

"But it affects every minute of my life and I haven't laughed properly in the last few years.

"The depression has gotten to me so badly that I hardly leave my room.

"It takes over my life to the point where I can't go out - it's a lot more than just scared of sick. It's constantly on my mind, it affects me every minute of the day."

Emma says while she - like most people - always found vomit and sickness unpleasant, it started to get out of hand around 12 years ago when it began to impact her job.


She added: "It's the thought of seeing, hearing or smelling sick - anything like that - that affects me.

"I started having panic attacks at work, which scared me a bit, and also on the bus on the way to work because I was feeling sick.

"It meant I had to leave work - which was hard because I had worked ever since I left school.

"Gradually over the years it got worse and worse, and I have at least six panic attacks every single day."


She says her panic attacks are triggered by various everyday tasks that most of us would undertake without a second thought.

"I have them just before I cook, after I cook, after I've eaten and other little things like that," she said.

Credit: Media Wales
Credit: Media Wales

"I don't eat breakfast and I don't eat dinner - I just have tea because I know I'm going to have a panic attack after I've eaten.


"I could be laying in bed and might feel something in my throat and then start having a panic attack over the emetophobia. It ruins my life.

"As soon as I step outside I get this fear that I'm going to vomit or I'm going to see someone vomit. My stomach has gone really sensitive and just seeing someone spit can start my panic attack off."

Despite trying numerous things to help get her life back, including cognitive behaviour therapy and psychotherapy, Emma says nothing has worked.

She has now launched a GoFundMe to try and raise the cash to see a hypnotherapist she believes will be able to help.


She hopes that the hypnotherapist will be able to help her gain control over her phobia so she can get back to living her life.

Credit: Media Wales
Credit: Media Wales

She said: "I'd love to be able to go out for a picnic, take my son out with my mum, and I'd love to go on holiday with my friend.

"I'd love to see my nanna and grandpa more because they're getting older now. My granddad is 81 and he helps whenever he can by taking my son to school.

"It would just be nice to join in with my friends and family again - they have been so supportive.

"I put off seeing friends and family because I know I can't get over my panic attacks of being around people.

"My family - especially my mum, granddad and son - have been so helpful and supportive and I don't want to keep feeling like I'm a rubbish mum or a burden on the family.

"I would love to have myself back to a bubbly, excited, outgoing person again."

You can donate to Emma's GoFundMe here.

Featured Image Credit: Media Wales

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