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Yellow Weather Warning In Place For Parts Of UK

Yellow Weather Warning In Place For Parts Of UK

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning with thunderstorms and potential flooding forecast for this week. Classic British summer stuff, really.

Warnings are in place for parts of eastern and southern England kicking off on Tuesday at 6pm and finishing at 9pm on Wednesday.


According to the Met Office: "Thunderstorms may develop bringing torrential rain, hail and lightning to a few places, with potential disruption to travel and flooding."

It says there is a 'small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly' and warns that buildings could be damaged by floodwater, hail, strong winds or lightning.

There is also a chance of delays or cancellations to trains and buses, and potential flooding could cause road closures or difficult driving conditions.

It also warns of a 'slight chance' of power cuts.


Parts of the country have already been drenched in recent days with almost a month's rainfall landing on Monday. Wainfleet All Saints, Lincolnshire, has already been hit with flooding.

Meanwhile, torrential downpours have timed perfectly with a bunch of music festivals - earlier this month Manchester's Parklife saw thousands of people sticking to fingers up to the rain, mud and low temperatures and rocking up in shorts and t-shirts regardless.

Last week, a bunch of people decided to pack up and leave Download festival, at Donington Park in Leicestershire, early after it turned into a gigantic mud bath.

Videos and photos taken at the event showed an incredible amount of mud and loads of people making the best of a bad situation and throwing themselves around in it.

But giant mud puddles aren't for everyone, and many people left before the festival had even properly got started - despite parting with hundreds of pounds for a ticket.

One person who decided to leave early was Samantha Gibben; she told The Metro: "We had a perfectly watertight tent. Nothing was leaking.

"But left because of the mud. It's that bad less than a day in. I'll never survive. My hips were dislocating from slipping on the mud as we walked in even with wellies. I can't handle it."

Another added: "We travelled home last night, got in at 4am... gutted is an understatement for how I feel about leaving.

"We couldn't have afforded a hotel, we couldn't afford to drive home and then back up today.

"We wanted to save ourselves, our clothes, our belongings before they got drenched and ruined. We only had a single skin tent (our fault completely) which honestly didn't help but I've seen that even double skin tents have been having issues."

Let's hope the weather sorts itself before Glasto, eh?

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