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Yorkshire Tea And PG Tips Express 'Solidaritea' With Black Lives Matter Protesters

Yorkshire Tea And PG Tips Express 'Solidaritea' With Black Lives Matter Protesters

The popular brew brands have made their position perfectly clear

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Two of the nation's favourite tea brands have united in 'solidaritea' with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea are backing Black Lives Matter.

As you're almost definitely aware, protests have been sweeping both sides of the Atlantic since the shocking death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota on 25 May.

Many major companies have since come out in support of BLM, but Yorkshire Tea had yet to express such a sentiment, leading one customer to tweet: "I'm dead chuffed that Yorkshire Tea hasn't supported BLM."

However, the tea brand made it abundantly clear this was not the case in its reply yesterday (Monday 8 June), which encouraged the customer to stop buying its tea.

The tweet has been liked almost 60,000 times, however, many people responded saying they would now be boycotting the brand.

One such person ridding their cupboards of the BLM-supporting bags tweeted: "So now I've got to buy PG Tips? Well f me. This sucks. And Yorkshire Tea is done. Good luck with the bs stance."

But PG Tips then got involved too, announcing it was very much on team Yorkshire Tea in this argument.

A third tea company called Tea Pigs also showed its 'solidaritea' with its fellow brew brands.

Much of the response to the Tweets was positive, with one person saying: "I had no idea UK Tea Twitter was so woke, but I am here for it."

Another fan applauded both brands, posting: "LOVE this... made a @PGtips girl proud well done @YorkshireTea."

However, not everyone was quite so impressed, as one person replied: "Can we have your full political declaration then please. Just so everyone is clear where you stand on all the issues rather than appearing to be opportunistic is order to sell more tea."

The mood was ultimately summed up by another Twitter user, who simply posted: "Imagine being angry because your tea brand isn't racist."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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