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You Can Get The Train From London To Edinburgh For Just £15 Next Month

You Can Get The Train From London To Edinburgh For Just £15 Next Month

Lumo is running a new train service between London and Edinburgh for just £15 one-way

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

It's a common complaint that trains in the UK are a little on the expensive side, but if you fancy a cheaper trip to a new city, you'll be pleased to learn that a new train between Edinburgh and London will soon be on sale for just about £15.

Yep, that's £15 to get between the English and Scottish capitals.

Of course, even if you book your tickets well in advance, you'd expect to pay more than that to get between London's King's Cross to Edinburgh Waverley.

Turning up on the day would be significantly more.

With that in mind, many people choose to fly that distance if they have to make the journey, and - given that the cheapest flights from some airlines come in at around £27 - who can blame them?

That might be all about to change, though. Low-cost train service Lumo is planning to link two of the UK's best cities by train with prices starting at £14.90 for a one-way journey.

It'll be like Euro 2020 all over again.

So, they'll be able to compete with the airlines, and blow their rail-bound competitors right out of the water.

The fares will start from October 25, and - as well as being better for your wallet - it will be better for the environment, too.

It's hardly breaking news that planes aren't great for the environment, and not only are trains better in general, the trains that Lumo will be running are new 100 percent electric-powered trains, which are a lot more carbon efficient even than other similar vehicles.

The new service, which will start off with just two services per day before increasing to five, will run from London to Edinburgh, stopping off at Newcastle and Morpeth, as well as some services calling at Stevenage.

The first five weeks will see the fares down at those £15 each way prices, although railcards will not be valid.

After that, the most expensive fare will be £69 - nice - and the operator (First Group) reckons that 60 percent of the fares will be priced at £30 or less.

The train will travel from King's Cross to Edinburgh Waverley.

On board the trains, there will be only one class of service, as well as a catering service called LumoEats - whatever that is - free Wi-Fi, paperless tickets, and mysterious 'entertainment systems'.

Sounds interesting, right?

Not only is it a nicer - trains are definitely nicer than aeroplanes, fight me - and more energy-efficient way to travel, it's also more affordable too.

Happy days.

Featured Image Credit: First Group

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