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Adam Sandler Meets With Girl Who Turned Him Away At IHOP

Adam Sandler Meets With Girl Who Turned Him Away At IHOP

The actor recently left a restaurant due to the waiting time

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Adam Sandler has met up with the restaurant employee who 'turned him away' from IHOP.

The actor recently paid a visit to his local IHOP, but left quickly after being told that there was a 30-minute wait time.

Dayanna Rodas was devastated to learn later that she had missed the opportunity to properly meet the Hollywood star, not realising it was him.

The 17-year-old later posted a video of the CCTV footage from the encounter, sharing her utter disbelief at what she had done.

She wrote: "Not realising it's Adam Sandler and telling him it's a 30mins wait and him ofc leaving bc he's not going to wait 30mins for IHOP."

Dayanna captioned the video: "Pleaseee come back."

Explaining why she didn't recognise the Happy Gilmore actor, Dayanna said at the time: "It's because he had a big beard, and I've never seen Adam Sandler with a beard.

"And the mask didn't help."


Sandler, 54, later shared a joke with IHOP about the incident on social media.

"For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn't apply to the milkshakes," the actor wrote on Twitter on 3 May.

To which IHOP replied: "You know what, @AdamSandler, you may be onto something here. In your honor, we'd like to declare May 10th, 2021 #MilkshakeMonday at IHOP.

"More sweet details to follow."

And to mark the special day, Sandler paid another visit to the restaurant, granting Dayanna's wish, posing for some photos with her and other members of staff.

In the caption for another video posted to her TikTok account, Dayanna wrote: "Couldn't have been more excited!!

"Thank you Adam Sandler!"

Sandler also shared a snap from his visit, showing his dog enjoying the trip out.

He captioned it: "Thank u IHOP for Milkshake Monday."

Since the original incident, thousands of people have weighed in with their opinion, with many praising Sandler for just being 'normal' and saying that Dayanna did the right thing in simply treating him like everyone else.

Of course, she didn't recognise him, but still.

One commented: "He just glad someone treated him normal. Much respect for you and Adam."

Another said: "Hey, you were just doing your job. And I agree with him, sometimes you don't want to wait for a table."

A third person simply wrote: "I mean, I wouldn't wait that long for IHOP either."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dayanna.rodas

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