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Woman Downs Beer Twice After Seeing Herself On Big Screen At US Open

Woman Downs Beer Twice After Seeing Herself On Big Screen At US Open

A beer-chugging fan has gone viral after she found herself becoming the hero of the US Open

Tom Sanders

Tom Sanders

She might not be a tennis player, but after being caught on camera twice and wowing the crowd with her beer-chugging skills on both occasions, few can doubt that this unnamed blonde woman was the real winner of the US Open this weekend. Watch below:

The main courts at Flushing Meadows are well-known for producing some of the most electric atmospheres in the sport.

However, as the crowds slowly started to trickle in again for the final tennis major of the year, it was a fan, rather than any of the players, who garnered the biggest cheer of the day.

As a tense third-round match between Roberto Bautista-Agut and Felix Auger-Aliassime played out on Friday, the Jumbotron (you know, the big screen) settled upon a blond fan in the stands - who promptly grabbed her beer and began chugging, much to everyone's applause.

She finished off the drink with her arms raised triumphantly in celebration, but the challenge wasn't over yet.


The cameras again returned to the unnamed woman later in the day, this time during the fifth set of a match that Auger-Aliassime would go on to win, except this time the fan did not have a beer handy.

So thinking quickly, she instead grabbed her friend's beer next to her and downed it like a pro, earning a rapturous round of applause from the crowd and a shout-out from the commentary team.

"She's going again!" one TV commentator said, bursting into laughter as she downed the second beer. "Well done!"

A video of the fan's drinking exploits posted on the US Open Twitter page has since racked up more than 140,000 views - and lots of enthusiastic comments.

One viewer wrote: "Some Dad out there today is getting texts and phone calls about his little girl winning the internet! That is awesome! I have 2 daugthers n that'd be up there w winning The US Open. Pounding the second beer KNOWING you had to step up! Brava Miss! Sir you have a keeper!"

Setting up an intriguing challenge, another added: "Invite her to the next game for free, set a camera on herself only and cancel all commercials let's see what's going to happen."

Of course, this is far from the only way to chug a beer - another guy who came up with an impressive drinking technique was dubbed a Twitter King when he shared it on social media last year.

Pangzai has been up to more of his old tricks recently, as you can see here.

Hebei Pangzai became famous for necking a bottle of lager in what he calls 'tornado' fashion.

The internet star, whose real name is Liu Shichao, holds the bottle to his mouth to start with - obviously. He then raises it up, while quickly shaking it in a circular motion, creating a tornado inside the glass.

Mind you, he doesn't just drink the bottle in an impressive manner, but he also removes the bottle cap with a knife to go fully theatrical on the whole affair.

Boasting more than 160,000 Twitter followers, he describes himself as the 'inventor of tornado beer drinking style'.

Fair enough.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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