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Bizarre Exam Question At End Of Test Accused Of Being 'Unfair'

Dominic Smithers

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Bizarre Exam Question At End Of Test Accused Of Being 'Unfair'

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Let's face it, exams are pretty awful. You spend weeks cramming, trying to guess what's going to come up, only to see everything but the topics you revised.

But one exam question in particular has really got people's goat, with some claiming it just 'isn't fair'.

The question was posted on Twitter by Rebekah Rogers, who explained that she had come across it on the last page of a test.

It read: "There's something that you spent time studying that wasn't asked on the exam. What is it and how does it work? Explain in detail."

Sharing a pic of the question to her account, Rebekah wrote: "I kind of like this exam question."

Now, for some out there who had studied hard for a topic that didn't come up, this could be just the question they needed to bump up their mark.

However, for those of us who rationed out revision, it's an actual nightmare.

One user wrote: "Unfairly biased toward very confident and persuasive children who will be happy to make anything they've done fit.

"The more analytical and scientific would lose out with this, unless of course they have genuinely studied something else in depth.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Agreeing, another chimed in: "I absolutely hated questions like this because it assumed that I studied something in-depth, when what I actually did was read through all the lecture slides to make sure that the knowledge I learned during lecture was fresh in my mind."

While a third added: "As someone whose academic success hinged on good memory and predictable test structure rather than studying and prep, I think this would have made me panic a little bit."

There were a few out there, though, who said they would have loved this type of question.

One fan said: "The critical responses to this are blowing my mind.

"The traits this question is targeting are extremely important and useful in the real world, and assessing those traits is good, actually."

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

This isn't the only exam question to get people thinking over the years, though.

A few months ago, a maths question baffled people across the world after being shared online, with students saying they were simply unable to solve it.

The question had been posed to students at an unnamed school in the Chinese district of Shunqing after it appeared on a recent fifth-grade level paper, intended for children aged around 11.

According to the BBC, the question read: "If a ship had 26 sheep and 10 goats onboard, how old is the ship's captain?"

Nope, I have absolutely no idea either.

Topics: Science, Maths, Funny, Twitter

Dominic Smithers
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