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Bus Driver Shares TikTok Of Different Types Of Passengers She Picks Up

Bus Driver Shares TikTok Of Different Types Of Passengers She Picks Up

Jodie Leigh has given the run down on some of her customers

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Have you ever wondered what bus drivers really think of their passengers? Well, now one has come out and explained just that.

Jodie Leigh shares funny videos from her job to her TikTok account, and has now given a run down on some of the characters she regularly sees.

Offering her own impression of each type of individual, Jodie says: "So you've got 'the quick tapper' that don't even tap, you've got the 'sneaky on the back door', yeah I see ya.

"Then you've got 'take your time, love', 'obsessed with the driver', you've got 'the runner that don't even say thank you, and then, you've got 'the one that wants to go one stop but goes about 15'."

In a separate video, the 24-year-old elaborated on some of the other character she sees on a day-to-day basis.

She says: "So you've got 'the one who's always on the phone - just put your phone down, love, I ain't got all day.

"Then, you've got 'the rude boy', yeah, bad man out here.

"Then you've got 'the one who can't get on the bus, even though the bus is lowered', and then you've got 'the one who moans about the bus being too far away'."

Recognise any of them?

'The sneaky on the bus one'.
TikTok/Jodie Leigh

Since posting the clips, they have been viewed thousands of times, with plenty of people relating to her impressions.

Commenting on her clip, one user said: "That is so true. Only been on London buses for about three months but that is 1,00000000 percent right."

Another wrote: "Normally, the one complaining it's too far from the kerb were standing with their toes hanging off the kerb while you pull up."

"The one who can't get on the bus is literally nearly my entire run," joked a third.

While another added: "And the one that is having a conversation over the phone with earphones in that go on, tap, and walk like they're the only person."

Some passengers, however, were quick to point out that they're very polite whenever they hop on board.

"Oh, If I run for the bus and they stop, I always say thank you. Most of the time, I say thanks, driver, unless I feel shy," said one.

And given the fact that bus drivers have your life in their hands, you might want to show a little more respect next time you're on board.

Don't believe us? Well, last year, footage emerged of a bus driver in Brazil instinctively swerving out of the way of a head on collision.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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