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Logan Paul’s Brother Jake Slammed On Social Media For Inappropriate Video

Logan Paul’s Brother Jake Slammed On Social Media For Inappropriate Video

People have criticised the 20-year-old for being misleading and wildly inappropriate for his young audience...

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Just when you thought you were going to get through a day without seeing Logan Paul's name, his brother goes and causes a bit of controversy to keep those flames burning bright. While it's nowhere near as bad as filming a suicide victim's body and laughing about it, it's still face-palm inducing because not only is it misleading but wildly inappropriate for his audience.

It's no secret that both Jake and Logan have an audience of young, impressionable fans and that's why some of their videos have courted controversy in the past for being wrong, sometimes on many levels.

Jake's first video for 2018 was titled 'I Lost My Virginity...' and initially had a thumbnail of him, semi-naked in bed with a woman straddling him with just her underwear on. Most would expect that type of image to accompany a video on Pornhub or something similar, rather than something for kids.

He's since changed the thumbnail to another image of a woman (decidedly more clothed than before) lying on a bed in the background, while he's got a look on his face that screams 'woah, I've done something bad'.

To save you watching the 15-minute video - he doesn't have sex.

He kisses his girlfriend a couple of times.

The 'virginity' losing comes in the form of Jake skiing for the first time.

People on social media, already with their fingers aching from hurling negative comments at Logan, turned their anger to Jake.

It goes without saying that the video is also full of the sort of antics that 'Jake Paulers', aka his 12 million subscribers, will be familiar with. It opens with him using a fire extinguisher to wake up his mates in their ski cabin, then adds in spraying soft drink all over the property as well as smashing through a fly screen.

To only make matters worse for Jake, a video obtained by TMZ shows the 20-year-old saying the N-word in a freestyle rap. The footage shows him sitting on a couch, saying: "I whip it like my n****r Richie Vetter, he make the pussy so wet it gets wetter."

If you're unaware of the scandal surrounding the Pauls, Logan in particular, then let me get you up to speed. He posted a video of him and his mates walking through a forest in Japan which is frequented by people looking to end their own lives.

The video took a dark turn when they actually stumbled across a dead body, however they proceeded to laugh and make jokes shortly after the encounter. Logan received an almighty shitstorm of abuse on social media, with responses coming from both ordinary citizens and notable celebrities.

However, the Pauls' views and subscribers continue to pile up, illustrating the old saying that the only bad publicity is no publicity.

Sources: TMZ

Featured Image Credit: Jake Paul/YouTuber

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