Dad Transforms Basement Into Nightclub With Bar Made From A Chimney

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Dad Transforms Basement Into Nightclub With Bar Made From A Chimney

A dad is transforming his basement into a full on nightclub.


John, who goes under the TikTok handle , has been hard at work turning his home into the coolest spot in town.

Roping in the rest of his family to help with the graft, the band manger has shared the progress to his account, posting regular updates as the renovation nears completion.


And, unsurprisingly, it's not been easy, with John and his team having to lower the floor by 19 inches, sound proof the walls and even fit thick dry wall 'in case knuckleheads try to punch through walls'.

But living in an old house, John has tried to avoid waste, and even used the old chimney for the club's bar as well as adding a multi-coloured glossy finish to the floor - which looks pretty incredible.

The skill and effort involved hasn't escaped the millions who have stumbled across John's story either, with thousands commenting to praise his creativity.

One user said: "This needs FAR MORE RECOGNITION, my God!"


Looking for a job, another chimed in: "Let me know if you need a bartender or a bottle girl."

"Chimney into a bar? Genius," cried a third.

While another added: "The bricks being reused is genius."

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

There was, however, some concern among a few people that the shiny floor could turn out to be a bit of a hazard.

But assuring them that it's totally safe, John said: "It isn't. Looks like it but no. Also, we put the final coat of polyurethane on it tonight.

"A matte finish with less of a gloss."

John isn't the only person who has been getting busy with a bit of DIY over recent months, though.


With lockdown putting an end to our social lives last year, many got out and decided to build their own pubs and bars in their gardens.

When Stephen Andrew, from Glasgow, had his holiday postponed, he decided that he'd bring the Canary Islands to Scotland in a bid to make the most of being in lockdown.

With the family holiday postponed because of coronavirus restrictions, his aim was to be able to 'close your eyes and feel like you're in Tenerife' - and it looks like he has really pulled it off.

Speaking to LADbible, Stephen, 38, said: "Just thought I'd love one of those pool type bars on holiday. I did a rough drawing of what I wanted and went for it."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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