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​Dog Interrupts Street Brawl To Hump Bloke's Leg

​Dog Interrupts Street Brawl To Hump Bloke's Leg

In the video, two unknown men are seen grappling on the ground, before a brown dog runs over to the pair and mounts one of them

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

When two blokes get into a fight, sometimes it can be seriously difficult to break them up - with all that rage somehow making people even stronger than they would normally be. That is, of course, until you consider the power of a horny pooch.

In a video posted on social media, two unknown men are seen grappling on the ground, before a brown dog runs over to them and mounts one of them.

The man moves his legs around, so the dog then clambers onto the other person.

In the footage it doesn't look like the humping managed to prompt a ceasefire, as the sparring continued - albeit at a slower pace, because we're guessing it's quite difficult to spar with someone if there's a dog trying to have sex with your leg.

The video sounds like it was captured by a man and a woman - who can be heard in the background giggling.

As the dog mounts the man, one person says 'Oh my God', before adding: "What the fuck!?"

Other people can also be seen filming the unfortunate event in the background.

Oddly, this dog isn't the only amorous canine to have hit headlines recently.

Model Deyana Mounira is reportedly being sued by LA-based businessman Tony Toutouni, after he claimed she sexually aroused his dog in a photoshoot, the Daily Mail reports.

The model was doing a shoot at Toutouni's house when his pet Russian royal terrier, named Hef, came in and started playing with her.

Deyana Mounira/Instagram

The businessman uploaded a video footage to social media but with a Lady Gaga song over the top so his words couldn't be heard. He captioned the clip: "I can't believe this thirsty girl used my dog @hefthebeverlyhillshound to gain followers."

However, Deyana has since come out and provided her version of events, writing on Instagram: "During this entire amateur shoot with Tony, I was very uncomfortable because Tony was harassing me, verbally and sexually.

"He forcibly grabbed me inappropriately and tried to get me into his room several times as I walked around and he continued to do so even after I repeatedly told him to stop.

"He provoked his dog to hump me and told me to allow it. I felt vulnerable in this situation and tried to get myself out of this environment as best as I could because I genuinely feared for my own safety and well-being.

"I want the entertainment industry and the public in general to be aware of people like Tony who want to use you in every way they can including but not limited to sexual and inappropriate acts. No one should be subjected to this treatment in any industry."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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