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Driver Says Car Window Was Smashed By Someone Trying To Save Toy Dog

Driver Says Car Window Was Smashed By Someone Trying To Save Toy Dog

They were not best pleased

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

The UK has been hit with a heatwave in recent days, with Thursday being the hottest July day ever. As the mercury rises, we're all very aware that leaving dogs in hot cars is a massive no-no.

However, one would-be-good-Samaritan was seemingly a little bit over-zealous and smashed a car window to rescue a trapped pooch - only for it to turn out to be a toy.

Now, in this bizarre situation, the right thing to do would be to hang around for the owner of the car (and toy dog) or at the very least leave a note explaining the situation, but this person did neither and instead scarpered, leaving the motorist with a smashed window and a seat full of broken glass.

The furious motorist took to Facebook group Spotted Weston-super-Mare to share a photo of the smashed window alongside the photo of the toy dog, which admittedly does look very realistic.

The anonymous poster wrote: "I returned to my car after leaving it for 20 minutes to do some shopping to find someone has smashed the back window in as they thought my daughter's plush toy dog was a real dog trapped in the heat.

"How can you be this stupid? Shame on you."

But not everyone who spotted the post agreed with the anonymous car/incredibly realistic-looking toy dog owner, in fact most commented to say they would 'do the same'.

One person said: "It looks real. I would do the same. Put it in the boot next time."

Another added: "To be honest I would have done the same thing, that toy dog looks very realistic and would have been an easy mistake to make, and as plenty of other people have said it's better to be safe than sorry I would rather have had your smashed window on my conscience than your dead dog."

While a third said: "It does look pretty real I can see why the mistake happened. There are too many idiots at the minute leaving their poor dogs in their cars in this heat. Understand completely your frustration but any person with a heart would have done the same."

Others asked if the person had done the right thing and stuck around to explain what had happened.

It comes after a number of animal charities have urged dog owners to not leave their four-legged pals in their cars during the hot weather.

Featured Image Credit: Spotted Weston-super-Mare

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