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Fitness Influencer Breaks Down In Tears After Denying She Photoshops Her Videos

Fitness Influencer Breaks Down In Tears After Denying She Photoshops Her Videos

Chloe Roberts became upset after being targeted by a social media account

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A fitness influencer broke down in tears after being forced to deny that she photoshops her videos. Watch below:

Chloe Roberts, from Melbourne, Australia, recently shared a video on her Instagram account showing her doing some weights in the gym, as she usually does.

However, one clip got the attention of the Celeb Spellcheck account, which claimed that it appeared Chloe had altered the video, pulling in her waist to make her look slimmer - something that isn't all that uncommon amongst many Instagram influencers.

Of course, it led to a social media pile-on with others criticising the 21-year-old for her 'fail'.

However, wanting to put the record straight, Chloe posted a video to her stories in which she explained that the supposed photoshop glitch was actually down to an iPhone glitch, which changed the perspective, giving her a visibly smaller waist.


She said: "The video has a glitch in it so it looks like I Photoshopped my waist. I'm letting you know I haven't Photoshopped my waist.

"I have no reason to Photoshop my waist. I've worked so hard on my body.

"I'm standing here showing you my waist, I don't need to pull it in, that's just the truth. I'm really angry that people are thinking that's the case."

In another vid, Chloe became quite emotional after seeing the video and posts others had written about her.

Explaining the 'glitch' further, she said: "My phone has done this to me a few times... and it switches cameras and then it changes the magnification - I don't know why it did it in my video.

"Obviously, I wouldn't have posted it if I knew that or looked at it even remotely closely."


Adding: "I post everything so quickly on my social media, I don't even notice these things and I'm really upset as someone's trying to rip me down.

"It's actually putting me in jeopardy here because it's something I've worked so hard on.

"I've never edited my body and I never will. It puts my reputation in jeopardy when people do this. I'm really hurt."

Celeb Spellcheck has since deleted its post about Chloe.

Well, it seems as if Chloe isn't the only Instagram influencer who has been accused of photoshopping and tweaking her photos and videos.

Swedish Instagrammer Johanna Olsson was heavily criticised for 'terribly' photoshopping her photos from a supposed trip to Paris.

But despite all the ridicule, she refused to take the pictures down, claiming that everyone edits their photos so there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chloe.roberts_

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