Gordon Ramsay Leaves People Baffled With Tiny But Expensive Meal

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Gordon Ramsay Leaves People Baffled With Tiny But Expensive Meal

Gordon Ramsay has divided fans with his lamb dinner, with some criticising his portion sizes.

The celebrity chef uses his social media to show off his new dishes, but his lamb dish at his Michelin-starred restaurant Petrus caught the attention of some of his 12.1 million followers.

He tagged Petrus in the post, writing: "Herdwick lamb, morels, wild garlic, young peas, marjoram at @PetrusByGordonRamsay.... simply stunning!!"


One unimpressed follower asked: "Where is the rest of it?"

While another said: "Seriously thought this was a post from a 'tiny foods' account I follow at first!"

Actor Ryan Thomas joked: "That looks unreal what's for main course?"

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Another gave in depth reaction: "Yo wtf is that? That's a meal? Excuse my poorness but my f*** that's only enough energy for me to unload my tools in the morning.

"Again sorry for being poor but wtf, this is how you sell nutrition? One protein at a time? My body s***ting exerts more energy than what this will actually give me.

"F*** this meal, 2/10 because I'm sure it tastes great."

The dish is offered as part of the restaurant's 'Prestige Menu' which is currently priced at £120 per person.


It's not the first time Gordon Ramsay got a taste of his own medicine on Instagram.

Back in December, the chef showed off a Christmas dinner from his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant but not everyone was impressed with the festive dish.

One person wrote: "That gravy is far too thin! Not good Ramsay."


Another commented: "Gravy's a bit runny."

While a third chipped in: "No doubt that'll taste amazing but that gravy looks like p***."

Others were less than pleased with the amount of carbs on offer - with one follower asking: "Where's the pile of roasties and mash?"

Another asked: "Where's the spuds? And I don't mean two."


The 54-year-old's gravy has come under fire from his food-loving followers online before.

He previously shared a photo of a traditional roast dinner, writing: "Proper Sunday roast at @heddonstkitchen! And just look at that Yorkshire pudding... get the recipe."

But it didn't go down too well with his followers, with one person posting: "Gravy is way too runny. Looks garbage."

Another critic said: "Look at that gravy, it's a disgrace. Team proper thick gravy."

While a very imaginative person compared it to 'cat's p***' - delightful.

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