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Granny Flashes Crowd After Getting On The Big Screen At Baseball Game

Granny Flashes Crowd After Getting On The Big Screen At Baseball Game

The elderly fan got caught in the moment and went for it

One of the quirks of US sports events is the big screen, which encourages all manner of fan interaction, from sharing a peck on the cheek to even getting engaged. But one elderly baseball fan took things to another level when she got a bit over excited at a recent game and decided to flash the crowd.

A video, which was posted to TikTok account, shows the LA Dodgers fan jumping out of her seat after noticing she's been picked out by the camera.

And after having a little dance and a wave at her fellow fans, she goes for it and gives everyone an eyeful.

And they love it, cheering her on.

Commenting on the post, one user said: "Granny! I don't see any granny. I see a legend."

Another chimed in: "She was probably hella fun in high school."

A third said: "U just know granny was wild back in her day."

While another added: "Yessss granny living her best life!!"


Now, it's been a tough year for everyone, with millions of us cooped up inside our home left with very little to do to keep ourselves amused.

Well, in a similar vein to party gran, one woman used her smart TV to make it look like she's flashing people.

Alison Cressey, from Hull, got a little creative and made the funny images as a way to keep her spirits up while in isolation, and was shocked when she found out they had gone viral.

Among those Alison 'flashed' were the Queen, José Mourinho and that fella who had an memorably shocked reaction while watching Australia's Got Talent and ended up becoming a meme.


She came up with the gag when she was walking around her lounge in a towel after having a shower; she joked to her partner that it was a 'good job' the people on the screen couldn't see her and that was when the idea struck her.

"We realised we had a smart television so looked up some shocked face memes," said Alison.

"We then got them on the screen - and I flashed them!

"We posted it on my private Facebook page for a laugh. But then my friend in Spain asked me to change the settings so she could share it.

"Now it's gone ballistic. If I had known it was going to do that I would have done my hair!"

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