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Ice Hockey Fan Caught Stealthily Stealing Ice Cream On Live TV

Ice Hockey Fan Caught Stealthily Stealing Ice Cream On Live TV

The Carolina Hurricanes shared the footage on Twitter, labelling it the 'crime of the century'

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

During any live news report, it's always worth casting your eye over the humans in the background. Sometimes you get to see someone falling over or a bloke doing the w****r sign, but Fox Sports viewers were given a real treat when cameras picked up a fan expertly nicking a fellow supporter's ice cream after the Carolina Hurricanes vs Ottawa Senators ice hockey game.

Enjoy the brazen cheek here:

In the clip, host Mike Maniscalco can be heard discussing Veterans Day following the Hurricanes' 8-2 win over the Senators.

Meanwhile, to the left of shot, a fan can be seen looking at someone's phone while holding an ice cream in his left hand. Another supporter then emerges from behind him and carefully lifts the ice cream out of its holder before shoving it in his mouth.

The victim then realises his holder is empty and glances over his shoulder looking perplexed while the thief attempts to return the ice cream. Realising his victim is about to look in his direction, the ice cream snatcher hastily scurries off and blends into the crowd, leaving his prey with an empty holder.

The brilliantly executed theft has since gone viral and has been viewed millions of times after the Carolina Hurricanes shared the clip. They dubbed it the 'crime of the century'.

The ice cream theft has since been viewed millions of times.
Fox Sports

Naturally, many people on social media thought the robbery was too good to be true and concluded that it must have been staged. However, the super-villain has since been identified as Weston Davis, and he insists that the ice cream snatching was no stunt.

Mr Davis admitted that the victim Joe Campen was his friend, but said the theft was a spur of the moment thing, not a pre-planned plot designed to earn the pair viral fame.

Speaking to The Athletic, Mr Davis said: "Joe and I are good friends.

"He was standing there behind the camera and I just thought I'd mess with him hoping maybe the camera would get a shot of it."

Ultimately though, does it really matter if it was staged or not? Either way, it was superbly done.

Long may people continue to do silly things in the background of live TV broadcasts.

Featured Image Credit: Fox Sports

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