People In Stitches As John Fury Reveals What One Of His Famous 'Sessions' Consists Of


People In Stitches As John Fury Reveals What One Of His Famous 'Sessions' Consists Of

People have been left reeling after John Fury revealed exactly what he got up during his famed partying sessions.

The 54-year-old recently appeared on the True Geordie podcast where he opened up about his life and his famous sons.

Former boxer Fury was asked why he had taken such a long break from the sport when he was young, to which he replied: "To tell you the truth, I went partying. I went partying in Spain and all over the world.


"And I skint myself, the missus left me, the kids left me - I was just a party boy.

"I thought, 'bugger it, I'm getting £250, I've got a day job, I'm going to enjoy some kind of life'. I used to go on bad benders. I used to go on benders for a month or two, solid - that dragged into nearly four years."

He was then asked: "What's a prime John Fury session like? What kind of partying are we talking here? How deep was it?"

To which he replied: "How deep was it? Three or four brasses every night. Two or three bottles of whisky. If there were any drugs going I'd have them and all."


As you can imagine, Fury's frank admissions have caused quite a stir on social media with one person writing on Twitter: "This is the best John fury clip I've ever seen."

Someone else wrote: "Blokes a f*****g legend."

While another person commented: "John Fury's my kind of guy."

Credit: True Geordie
Credit: True Geordie

Elsewhere in the interview, Fury said he would 'walk away' from his son Tommy if he fails to knock out Jake Paul in the ring.

Fury instantly shut down the suggestion it could be a 'close fight' saying: "No chance. If it's a close fight Tommy's retired."

He went on: "If Tommy beats him and struggles to beat him, he's retired from boxing."

Asked why he feels so strongly, John explained: "He [Jake Paul] is a YouTuber. He's got to be knocking Jake Paul out. He's got to box him and knock him out, he's a YouTuber.


"And I'm not wasting my time on people in the gym because I haven't got a lot of time left at 56-years-old. So I'm not going to train with somebody I've got no faith in. So I've told him, 'unless you knock him out, pal, forget me with boxing.' I'll walk away."

Featured Image Credit: True Geordie

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