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Labrador Out-Witted By Clever Duck Who 'Deserves An Oscar'

Amelia Ward

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Labrador Out-Witted By Clever Duck Who 'Deserves An Oscar'

A video of a Labrador being tricked by a duck playing dead has gone viral, with viewers calling it an 'Oscar-worthy' performance. Watch it here:


In the video, the dog can be seen standing over a duck which is lying still and motionless in the grass.

While the adorable dog waits, panting, the duck doesn't move a muscle.


Then, when something else catches the excitable dog's attention, it runs off, with the duck suddenly coming back to life, running away before the dog can see her.

The video was posted on the site with the caption: "And the Academy Award goes to Duck."

Users shared their own experiences.

One wrote: When I was a kid, my dad often took me duck and goose hunting. One time a fallen goose did this, then f***ing bit me.


"For the record, I had it coming."

Another said: "Lmao is this a common duck strategy? Or a weird one?"

Others just quacked a few duck-themed jokes (soz).

One person wrote: "Ducked out of that one nicely."


Another person joked: "That dog should have suspected Fowl play."

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

Someone else, who was seemingly a bit more knowledgeable, commented: "It's really common, they will also fake a broken wing, flap around like they are wounded and lead predators away from their nests then when they are a safe distance fly off and circle back around to safety."

National Geographic have actually confirmed the whole theory - and I feel like they're trustworthy.


The nature site wrote: "When faced with imminent death, certain species of duck will play dead.

"It's called tonic immobility, and scientists think that the response is a defense mechanism.

"Unfortunately, it's not a very good one: These death-feigning fowl are often eaten anyway."

They also said that other animals, including fish and snakes do it.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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Amelia Ward
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