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Jacinda Ardern TikTok Impersonator Actually Got To Meet Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern TikTok Impersonator Actually Got To Meet Jacinda Ardern

When stars collide.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Melanie Bracewell has finally met her impersonation idol Jacinda Ardern.

The TikTok star has been delighting her followers on social media with her brilliant impersonations of the New Zealand Prime Minister.

Mel perfectly captures encapsulates the smile, the accent, and the warm, loving face in her videos and has been giving everyone a good laugh.

But she's upped the ante with her latest video by actually meeting the PM.

"Kia ora everyone, it's me, Jacinda Ardern," she says in the video. "I obviously have a lot of fans out there, so I like to get selfies with my fans sometimes."

You'd think it would be Mel who would be the over excited one in the clip, but it seems Jacinda is getting more of a kick out of the hilarious video.

Melanie Bracewell/Twitter

When Bracewell shows Ms Ardern in the video, she says: "Oh nice to meet you, how are you? That's enough, that's enough anyway."

While Jacinda was all smiles in the short clip, she has been cautiously optimistic about New Zealand after it effectively eliminated coronavirus.

There have only been a small number of cases in the past few weeks, however Ms Ardern has warned Kiwis about getting complacent.

"Every country we have sought to replicate or have drawn from in the fight against Covid has now experienced further community outbreaks," Ardern said in a speech at New Zealand's parliament in Wellington.

"We only need to look to [the Australian states of] Victoria, New South Wales; Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea to see examples of other places that like us had the virus under control at a point in time only to see it emerge again."

Let's hope there will be more videos between Mel and Jacinda in the future because this was too gold.

Featured Image Credit: Melanie Bracewell/Twitter

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