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Lewis Hamilton Catches Flak For 'Gender-Shaming' His Kid Nephew

Lewis Hamilton Catches Flak For 'Gender-Shaming' His Kid Nephew

The F1 star has faced severe criticism for making fun of his nephew's Christmas gift choice.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

The world is changing rapidly, as Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton has been quick to find out.

The current F1 World Champion has faced a battering over social media after being accused of 'gender-shaming' his young nephew.

In a video Hamilton uploaded to Instagram, Hamilton questioned his nephew's choice of Christmas gift: a pink princess dress.

In the video, it appears that Hamilton's nephew had asked to be dressed up like a princess, Disney-style for Christmas.

Although the kid himself looks to be having fun, Hamilton seemed less than impressed with the decision in his reaction video, serious or not.

"Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas? Boys don't wear princess dresses!" Hamilton filmed himself saying to his nephew in the short vid.

Whether Hamilton meant the video to be tongue-in-cheek or not, many people have now come out criticising Hamilton for his potentially damaging reaction.

"The kid looks genuinely happy! Just let him enjoy his little life without having social norms imposed on him," said one commenter on Twitter, Nabeela.

"I don't care what Lewis' beliefs are, you can't publicly put down a CHILD for innocently liking what they like or wanting what they want, especially when you're an icon and someone who kids look up to, respect and admire."

"I think he looks cute. Let him wear what he wants to wear," said another poster. "Kids are exploring all sorts at this age, particularly who they are. Stop suffocating him, it'll only make him want to do it all the more&upset him."

Meanwhile, other people leaped to Hamilton's defence, saying the post was just 'a laugh' and not intended maliciously.

"He is not even saying it in a horrible or derogatory manner," one person said. "Hes having a laugh but still saying what he and so many other people think, that boys dont wear Princess dresses. He is not saying take it off either. Top man in my eyes."

Critics disagreed, highlighting the epidemic of mental health issues in men linked to 'toxic masculinity' and the implication that there's something wrong with being a woman.

Hamilton may have intended the vid just to be an innocent post but it looks like he's waded into more than he thought he would with this one.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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