Man Asks For Photo Before 'Attacking' TikToker During Livestream

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Man Asks For Photo Before 'Attacking' TikToker During Livestream

A TikToker claims he was 'attacked' by a so-called 'fan' during a livestream. Watch here:


In the video, Brandon Robert can be seen talking to someone off camera, who asks: "Are you that guy from TikTok?"

After establishing it was indeed that guy from TikTok - who has 10.7 million followers - the man asks if he can get a picture.


But after agreeing to the snap, Brandon then appears to get a face full of water from the fella, who shouts: "Your videos suck d***."

The man then drives off, but Brandon clocks his number plate and claims he was subsequently able to track him down.

Offering his attacker an ultimatum, Brandon says: "You have 36 hours to send me an apology video, person who did this.

"Not only do I know your full name, I know your wife's name, I know where you live and I know where you work now.


"If you do not DM me a video of you apologising I am going to inform both your work and your wife.

"I'm going to be posting said apology video on TikTok for everyone to see - so people stay tuned for that...

"Drive a little faster next time, because I could see your license plate and it's not too hard to find out this information dude. I'll see you in 36 hours."

Brandon just about to get it in the face. Credit: TikTok/@thebrandonrobert
Brandon just about to get it in the face. Credit: TikTok/@thebrandonrobert

The video has racked up almost 12 million views since it was posted back on 3 May, which of course means the attacker's 36 hours have elapsed.

So, did he apologise? Well, the answer is a resounding no; he did send Brandon a video, but it was the opposite of an apology.

Brandon of course shared the video, in which the attacker is out of shot.

In the clip, he can be heard saying: "Alright, this is the person who threw water on 'The Brandon Robert' - whatever the f*** his TikTok name is.


"I just wanted to let you know that your content is absolute *bleep*. I think you should stop being a little b**** about it, or next time I'll *bleep* your face.

"I'm not scared of you, or your little TikTok fans either, so you can go suck a fat one and shut the f*** up."

Clearly, this wasn't the apology Brandon was after, so he said he would follow up on his threats and inform the attacker's wife and employer.

However, in a subsequent comment he said he would let it lie.


He wrote: "I am not continuing this because people are 'mad' that I'm getting 'revenge'. So I'm going to let it go."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Brandon Robert

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