Man Says Donald Trump Blocked Him Because He Sent Him Barack Obama Birthday Card

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Man Says Donald Trump Blocked Him Because He Sent Him Barack Obama Birthday Card

A man says he was once blocked by Donald Trump because he sent him a Barack Obama birthday card.

People have been sharing their experiences of being blocked by different celebrities on social media, and the former US President allegedly didn't take too kindly to some gentle trolling.

In a thread on Reddit, one user asked: "Which celebrity has blocked you on social media and why?"

Responding to the question, a user going by the handle EddieAllenPoe said he was pied by the POTUS after trying to wish the billionaire many happy returns.


He wrote: "Trump. I sent him a Barack Obama virtual birthday card."

After having had his own accounts blocked, Trump recently launched his own social media platform, which will reportedly allow him to get his message out to his supporters.

Donald Trump didn't mind blocking people. Credit: PA
Donald Trump didn't mind blocking people. Credit: PA

But he's not the only one who hasn't taken any prisoners when it comes to his fellow netizens.


Sharing their own blockage, another user said they once got on the wrong side of Gordon Ramsay when a childish prank went wrong.

They said: "Gordon Ramsay. I was 13 and in a dumb group chat with my friends on Twitter. Someone in it was followed by him, so they added him to it.

"He ended up blocking half of us (rightfully, TBH).

"Also, I messaged him asking if I could be on MasterChef because I could make good ramen noodles, and I think that also caused it."


Another chimed into the thread with what is actually quite a tragic tale.

Responding to the thread, they explained how they had been a huge fan of the comedian Bo Burnham and that they were shocked one day to find he had blocked them. Ouch.

They recalled: "Bo Burnham and I don't know why.

"I tweeted at him three times back in 2018 about being excited for, and then how much I liked, Eighth Grade and I only found out he blocked me after I saw everyone sharing his announcement for his new show.

Bo Burnham allegedly blocked a die hard fan. Credit: PA
Bo Burnham allegedly blocked a die hard fan. Credit: PA

"Broke my heart, I love his work. I bought his poetry book."

But that's not the last of them, oh no.

TV's Dr Phil once blocked someone who left him a pretty bizarre comment on one of his social media accounts.


"Dr. Phil has me blocked on Instagram for commenting, 'I wanna run my teeth through your mustache'," admitted the perpetrator.

While another added: "Dane Cook blocked me on Twitter. He tweeted something along the lines of, 'Sometimes no matter what you do, you can't win'.

"And I replied, 'Did you make another movie?' Insta-blocked."

Like a wise man once said, you play with feathers, you get your arse tickled.

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