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Man Constantly Receives Amazon Packages He Hasn't Ordered

Man Constantly Receives Amazon Packages He Hasn't Ordered

You might think this is a good thing, but he's getting quite annoyed with the barrage of unwanted items.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

There's often a mutual feeling between people when payday comes around, and that's that we absolutely should not log straight onto online shopping and blow that month's wages within minutes.

However, there's another unequalled feeling of joy that we all get when 17 or so deliveries arrive in the space of a few days; therefore spending an ungodly amount of money on shite is okay.

Fortunately for Terry Miller, from Chesterfield Township, Michigan, he experiences the jubilation of numerous deliveries without having to pay for them.

The only difference is that Miller has no idea what will turn up on his doorstep or when, because he's not the one ordering from Amazon.

In fact he's quite annoyed by the amount of things that turn up at his house, claiming he's rang up the online store asking them to try and put a stop to the endless barrage of gifts.

"We started receiving boxes from Amazon, and I've made several calls and I can't seem to get them to stop," he told WDIV 4.

What's slightly weird is that someone is using their own account to order things to Miller's exact address, with his full correct name and mobile number.

It could be a case of the silver fox having a secret admirer who just wants to shower him with presents, or that there's someone in the area absolutely fuming with Amazon's customer services because they never receive any of their orders.

Credit: WDIV 4

"I opened [a box] up to see what was in it, and it was just accessories for cellphones," Miller said. "I got an antenna for a computer and a clothing bag."

Having rang up the company, who were clueless to what was going on, he was told to simply keep everything he'd gotten, as he hadn't and wouldn't be charged.

Still not satisfied, and perhaps worried his neighbours might think he was a hoarder of some kind, he rang the police to report the incident. They too were baffled.

"I opened up the packages and stuff to make sure it wasn't anything illegal in there," Miller said. "He [the police officer] said, 'You're in the clear if anything should come up with this.'"

Credit: WDIV 4

You might think that if you were in the situation this man is in it would be nothing but good news. However, the poor fella is yet to be sent anything that he actually wants.

His eyes did light up when a pair of wireless headphones arrived, but they were pink. Hard luck, pal.

He has either thrown or given away the packages thus far, but says most will be regifted for the holidays, which is a nice touch.

To end, he told WDIV, with a wry smile: "Quit sending them, I don't want the stuff."

Featured Image Credit: WDIV 4

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