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Man Shares Hilarious Reasons Why His Wife Is Mad At Him

Man Shares Hilarious Reasons Why His Wife Is Mad At Him

He posted the video on TikTok

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A man has shared a video showing the reasons his wife has got mad at him.

Santiago Gonzalez, 24, from San Diego, made a collection of the things his wife Mikayla, also 24, wasn't happy about. He then put them all together to create a heart-warming video and posted it on TikTok.

Some of the things she'd taken exception to include the fact that Santiago had eaten at nice restaurants before they met, an older lady called him handsome at the shop and a few that involve seemingly harmless interactions with other women.

Other things that have riled Mikayla up include Santiago's ex calling him - in Mikalya's dream.

A reasonable one, which Santiago read out: "When I got my food I didn't immediately offer her a bite."

To be fair, that is bang out of order.

Mikayla was also upset that the first time her fella went to Disneyland was with his mum when he was three, and not with her.

Santiago said his wife has seen the funny side.

Mikayla Gonzalez

Speaking to LADbible, he said: "My wife thinks they're funny! She knows that over-exaggerating on a lot of those, but finds truths to them which makes her laugh!

"I think the most ridiculous and funniest reason has been either when I didn't adopt our dog when he was born or when I don't want to get under the blanket with her because it's too hot!"

Santiago has been making the videos for TikTok since last year, listing the things that have done his wife's head in and saving them up in his phone for when he has enough for a new video.

And it looks as though his videos have meant that others have been in touch and opened up about their own experiences. Some of the couple's friends actually think their wives are more 'dramatic' than Mikayla. Surely not.

Mikayla Gonzalez

Santiago explained: "Now when we see friends, they talk about how it's relatable and their significant other does the same thing!

"Or they would share similar situations. And we have some friends that are with others that are way more dramatic that my wife, so it's funny hearing their stories!"

The couple have more videos that they regularly post on their social media accounts. The pair regularly take the p*** out of each other - which is probably a healthy trait in a relationship. One video shows Mikayla singing badly on purpose to see how her husband reacts.

Featured Image Credit: Mikayla Gonzalez

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