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Mum Slams Husband Who Spends Four Hours A Day On The Toilet

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Mum Slams Husband Who Spends Four Hours A Day On The Toilet

Toilet time is often a chance to get away from it all, to centre oneself and quite literally take a load off. But sadly, not everyone sees it this way.

A woman recently called out her husband for taking super-long trips to the bathroom, claiming he makes five hour-long pit stops to the loo every day.

Perhaps that is a little excessive, to be fair.

So sick of his visits is she that the mum said the situation was really, really 'irritating' and that she didn't know what to do.


In a post to Reddit, the woman said: "My husband 'Justin' started spending a lot of time inside the bathroom after we moved into our new home," the woman wrote in her post.

"We're talking 45min for just 'peeing' 4-5 times a day."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

She then recalled a night out the pair enjoyed together at a restaurant, during which she decided to leave midway through after her husband spent almost an hour on the toilet.


The woman explained: "Before he went, I gently reminded him that we were at a restaurant therefore he shouldn't take too long inside the restroom.

"He made a face and told me to knock it off because he'd be back in a minute."

But he wasn't back in a minute, and she was left calling his mobile to see where he was, even walking over to the toilets to check on him.

And despite his assurances that he was almost done, he never came out.

Credit: LADbible
Credit: LADbible

"I called his phone one last time after I was finished but he hung up on me. I was very upset I just asked the waitress to split the bill, paid, left a tip and walked out," she said.

"He pitched a fit and gave a lecture about how selfish I was to abandon him there even though I called and he hung up but he said his battery died.

"He said he thought our meal was going to take time so he went to use the restroom and I should've waited for him a little longer after I notified him about the meal but I was too selfish."


Annoyed, the woman asked fellow users for some advice about what to do, because she was at her wits' end.

And some pitched in saying they felt that there could be something serious at play here, perhaps a health condition, which needed to be discussed.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

One said: "What the f*** is he doing? 1 - Addicted to video games on his phone, 2 - Addicted to porn on his phone / masturbating, 3 - Has serious troubles going to the bathroom and is very messy, 4 - Something else?


"Whatever it is, the issue needs to be addressed."

Echoing the concern, another chimed in: "Whichever it is, he's not being 100 percent honest with you, and you should not have to be forced to sit in a restaurant for 40+ minutes waiting for him to finish using the restroom."

While a third user proposed a little test.

They said: "Ask him to leave his phone. This should be a simple request. If he leaves it and it still takes as long, it is probably something physically wrong he doesn't want to talk about and needs to go to the doctor."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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