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Man Gets Kicked Out Of McDonalds For Buying Homeless Man Food

Man Gets Kicked Out Of McDonalds For Buying Homeless Man Food

Yossi Gallo was booted out of a McDonalds restaurant in South Carolina after he offered to buy a homeless man a meal inside the restaurant

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Homeless people are among the most vulnerable in our society, and it's a shocking thought that some might not see them as being worthy of a meal.

An American man, Yossi Gallo, got kicked out of a McDonalds restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after he took a homeless man for a meal at the restaurant.

Gallo confronted police and management after the store asked the cops to remove the homeless man for trespassing due to complaints from McDonalds staff.


In a Facebook video that has now gone viral, Gallo filmed the moment the officer asks the homeless man to leave while he is apparently just sitting at a table.

"He was very quiet, very polite, didn't cause any kind of problem," Gallo told the Sun News. "He didn't smell. He doesn't act up. He wasn't doing anything that you would not want in a restaurant."

As the officer asks the homeless man to leave, Gallo can be heard getting angry, yelling repeatedly at the police officer and the restaurant's management: "You guys suck."

Eventually management asked Gallo himself to leave for being disorderly, which he and the homeless man eventually did, flanked by the officer.

"I'm getting kicked out of here because I gave a homeless guy food!," Gallo can be heard saying before he is escorted out.

The video ends with Gallo telling the homeless man, who sounds upset, "Come on! I'll buy you a meal," and shouting, "Deep down, you know what you're doing is wrong," to the police officer as he walks away.


In a video posted to the city's Facebook page, Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune praised the officer, adding: "What you will not see on that video is the whole story."

Bethune said that the homeless man was known to the restaurant's employees for causing problems in the past. Myrtle Beach Police later said the officer had been called after an employee had spotted the man begging for money in the car park.

"(The officer) handled herself in the most professional manner and treated this gentleman with dignity and respect," Bethune told WMBF, later adding to the Sun News that things got out of hand when Gallo became 'irate' with the officer.

"I believe in our police department," Bethune said. "I know how close they work with our homeless community as well as the four shelters located within our city limits."

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