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People Amazed By Student's Syringe Hack That Crushes And Absorbs Pill Within Seconds

Dominic Smithers

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People Amazed By Student's Syringe Hack That Crushes And Absorbs Pill Within Seconds

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yo_curry6

A student nurse has blown people's minds after sharing his simple trick to crush and dissolve a pill in a matter of seconds. See it for yourself:


TikTok user Nicholas Curry (@yo_curry6) posted the video to his channel, saying he had just worked out how to vastly reduce the time it takes to mix a pill with water.

The clip shows him standing in his kitchen with his mum, where he demonstrates his genius technique.

Holding an empty syringe and a bottle of water, the young student says: "Alright, we just found out a new way to crush meds in the syringe.

"Look at this pill, pretty good size, I won't even break it.

Credit: TikTok/@yo_curry6
Credit: TikTok/@yo_curry6

"Look, I'm gonna draw up, like, two CCs, OK, that big pill in two CCs. Then you get the air out, you plug it with your thumb, this is the coolest part, then you pull back on the plunger and you just let it hit.

"And after one little hit, it's already... and you just do this (pulls plunger back several more times) a couple of times.

"Imagine how easy tube feeds would be. And just to prove it, look at this. I mean, there's nothing, it's completely mixed, that whole pill in, like, two CCs."

Credit: TikTok/@yo_curry6
Credit: TikTok/@yo_curry6

Since it was shared, the video has been viewed more than 9.4 million times, with thousands praising the young medic for his clever hack.

One user said: "I've been a nurse 20 years and have never seen this. More TikTok magic."

Offering an explanation as to how it works, another wrote: "It's because you are creating a vacuum, which draws the liquid into the pores of the pill, breaking it up. Science!"

Credit: TikTok/@yo_curry6
Credit: TikTok/@yo_curry6

A third said: "As someone who can't take pills and has been crushing them with a spoon her whole life, thank you for your service."

And if you're wondering what the hell a CC is, Nicholas was kind enough to explain it in the comments.

Replying to another user, he said: "1 mill (millilitre of volume) = 1cc (cubic centimetre of volume). They are the same quantity."


Speaking to Buzzfeed, Nicholas explained his mum - a nurse - had shown him the trick.

He said: "She came home from work very excited to show me this new trick she figured out during her shift."

He also warned to check that your pills can be dissolved before trying the hack. He added: "Not all medications are allowed to be broken down prior to administration."

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Dominic Smithers
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