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People Divided Over Car Changing Lanes Smashing Into Motorbike

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People Divided Over Car Changing Lanes Smashing Into Motorbike

Footage of a car smashing into a motorbike while changing lanes has divided opinion - watch the incident below and see what you think:


In the clip, seemingly filmed from the motorcyclist's helmet camera, the bike can be seen filtering through traffic on a busy road with other cars largely at a standstill.

However, the motorbike soon comes across a car switching lanes, with the driver apparently not having seen the oncoming vehicle but also failing to indicate.


With the incident unfolding over a few brief seconds, the motorbike is unable to slow down and inevitably crashes into the side of the car, sending the motorcyclist spinning across the tarmac.

The footage was shared on Reddit, with no additional information about the crash or its location, although road markings suggest it took place in the US - although with the footage having since been shared (presumably by the motorcyclist), you'd hope this means everyone involved was OK.

Still, it's certainly got people talking... although no one can agree on who's actually at fault here, with many users divided as to whether filtering - also known as lane splitting - is safe.

One person seemed to place the blame squarely on the motorcyclist, writing: "'Making your own lane' at this sort of speed is bad for your health. Even in areas where this is legal, you don't travel that quickly when you have literally zero maneouvring room. Especially at night or dusk!"


Another agreed, adding: "You can't be lane filtering through traffic at 40mph faster than all the cars around you and expect people changing lanes to spot you coming."

Credit: Imgur
Credit: Imgur

A third person was less concerned by filtering, but still seemed to suggest the motorcyclist was at fault, writing: "I got no problem with lane splitting, but at least do it at a fairly low speed for 2 reasons.

"One, to minimise any injury/damage should you hit something, and two, to give people who may be switching lanes as this van was doing enough time to actually see you."


However, others were unimpressed by the car driver, suggesting the driver hadn't taken enough care or attention.

One person pointed out: "The car didn't use his blinker to cross a solid double yellow line briskly."

They were backed up by another Redditor, who wrote: "Double yellow, nobody should have been changing lanes. The driver didn't even have an angle to move in that traffic jam. They just pulled out sideways."

Of course, some people pointed out that both were at fault, with one writing: "This guy was traveling too fast while doing it for it to be considered safe annnnnnnd that car crossed a double solid line. In theory if everyone was following the rules nothing bad would have happened."

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Not everyone was clear as to why the debate was even taking place, with a concerned person posting: "I'm confused as to how cars are required to travel in a lane but some are stating it is legal for a bike to travel directly on a double yellow line while continuously crossing either side of it?"

To clear up the confusion, the difference in opinion seems to stem from variations in driving laws from country to country.

In the UK, filtering is perfectly legal for cyclists and motorcyclists, with the Highway Code warning drivers: "It is often difficult to see motorcyclists and cyclists, especially when they are coming up from behind, coming out of junctions, at roundabouts, overtaking you or filtering through traffic.


"Always look out for them before you emerge from a junction; they could be approaching faster than you think. When turning right across a line of slow-moving or stationary traffic, look out for cyclists or motorcyclists on the inside of the traffic you are crossing.

"Be especially careful when turning, and when changing direction or lane. Be sure to check mirrors and blind spots carefully."

In the US, however, filtering is only legal in California - and furthermore, the incident takes place with lanes separated by a double yellow line, which American drivers are prohibited from crossing.

So it looks as though both parties may be responsible here. What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Imgur

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Will Fitzpatrick
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