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People Think The Queen Had A Sly Dig At Donald Trump With Her Jewellery Choices

People Think The Queen Had A Sly Dig At Donald Trump With Her Jewellery Choices

The Queen wore a number of different brooches while the POTUS was in the UK

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Last week the Queen had President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania over for tea, and the whole thing became a bit of a meme.

The POTUS was accused of not showing enough respect to her Majesty, she was accused of not liking him as much as she did former president Barack Obama. The brief meeting was splashed all over the media - both traditional and social - as the world tried to imagine just how the meeting went down.

Now, an eagle-eyed jewellery expert and Twitter user has spotted what she believes to be Liz throwing shade at The Donald . Just like an episode of The Crown this, isn't it?

In an impressive, lengthy thread, the woman, named Julie, shared the subtle dig Elizabeth may have been making.

Firstly, before we get into what CTV News has called 'brooch warfare', a bit of background detail according to Julie: The Queen is a big fan of brooches and wears them to pretty much every occasion.

In fact, over the course of Trump's visit, she wore three different brooches.

The brooch the Queen wore the day Trump landed was given to her by the Obamas, so already a bit awkward.

But, Julie continues, the brooch wasn't a gift from the US, it was hand-picked and paid for by the Obamas as a present to their pal, the Queen. She goes on to explain that brooch isn't flashy, it's a 'subtle' one 'made of very modest materials'.

Rollin' with my homies.

Julie reckons the brooch had a clear message from the Obamas: "Here is a gift of something you like, with only sentimental value because it's for friendship not state visits." Which is very sweet, eh?

So, did Liz pick this particular piece of jewellery to rub Donald's nose in her friendship with the former POTUS? Who knows?

Anyway, the sassy Queen didn't stop there, or so Julie thinks, because the next brooch she was snapped wearing was gifted to her by Canada - it's called the Sapphire Jubilee Brooch and it's very fancy.

The message here? "From Canada," wrote Julie. "You know, who Trump's been screaming about and insulting. The commonwealth country and one of the UK's greatest allies. Them."

Others have said she might have picked it out because it looks like a snowflake, a term Trump is fond of lashing about the place.

The third and final piece of brooch-shade is in the form of the one she picked out to wear during the tea. Queen Elizabeth opted for the same brooch her mum wore for her dad's funeral. Brutal.

However, before we all get too excited and trigger World War III, royal commentator Victoria Arbiter told CTV News: "I find this an incredible stretch to think that the Queen is trolling Donald Trump when her sole purpose is to show him the ultimate royal hospitality.

"She's far too wise and astute and experienced to do something like that."

Well, maybe that's just what she wants you to think.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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