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Ryan Reynolds Shares Viral Zip Hack And People's Minds Are Blown

Ryan Reynolds Shares Viral Zip Hack And People's Minds Are Blown

Looking for an easy hack to fix a zip? Never fear, there's a simple method explained in the clip below - even Ryan Reynolds had his mind blown by the trick, and he shared the viral video on Twitter. Take a look:

Ryan captioned the post: "I've waited my whole life for this." Know how you feel, mate.

Basically, the hack uses a fork as means of guiding the main part of the zip back on to the teeth (yes, I looked up the terminology of zips).


Naturally, people weren't that interested until a celebrity decided to endorse it.

Thousands replied to the tweet. One person praised Ryan for sharing the information, replying: "I've found this more useful than most of the s*** that's comes from most celebs. Let Gwyneth keep her vaginal face cream, Joaquin can keep his impossible whoppers or whatever he was advocating the other night. Mr Reynolds is the voice of a generation."

High praise indeed.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

A more cynical Twitter user was less impressed, however, replying: "It puts the zipper back on but it doesn't actually fix it. It can be zipped off again and the bottom can also unzip."

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Another fan added: "Exactly... I thought as much, after few steps it's open again!! Just don't know why something so small should be exhausting."

Others just voiced their disappointment, with one person posting: "Yeah, but the end pieces still look unattached. Won't it split open from the bottom? I wanted this to be true. I really did."


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To be honest, I don't think Ryan thought the effectiveness of his new zip trick through. Another question I have - who's holding the fork? And do you have to have another person and a fork with you at all times, to then repair your zip every time you walk anywhere?

I'm not having it at all.

One person is clearly still impressed with the trick, though, regardless of its flaws.

The grateful fan posted: "Omg!!!! My mom brain is blown!!!! Glad I learned this before I died! No such thing as a dead zipper anymore!"


Glad it's been useful for someone.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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