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Tesco Slammed For 'Ruining' Christmas By Selling 'Rotten, Rancid' Turkeys

Tesco Slammed For 'Ruining' Christmas By Selling 'Rotten, Rancid' Turkeys

Customers of the supermarket said their festivities were wrecked after they bought turkeys which went mouldy.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Screw the presents. Everyone knows that the best part of Christmas Day is the monstrous amount of food it's socially acceptable to eat, especially the dinner.

But a boatload of Tesco customers have come forward to complain that their Christmas was ruined after the 'rotten, rancid' turkeys they bought tasted like 'acid' and 'bleach'. Yum. This was despite the turkeys apparently being in date.

Many of them (the customers, that is, not the turkeys) took to social media on Christmas Day to claim that they were left with no meal altogether or had to order emergency Chinese after finding their grub wasn't as fresh as it appeared.

Some were put off right away by the smell of the turkeys, while others unfortunately didn't notice until they had some bleach-tasting turkey in their mouths. Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Credit: Deadline News

Some customers are now looking for refunds for the turkeys, which cost up to £59 ($79) in the store's Finest range.

At almost 8pm yesterday, Jase @sappninbitton wrote on Twitter: "We're sitting waiting on a Chinese coming after @Tesco ruined #ChristmasDinner.

"Thank the lord for @JustEatUK. Think this is the first time I've ever spent money on Christmas day.

"What else you gonna do with eight hungry mouths and a rotten turkey. Think I'll send Tesco the bill..."

Jase added: "I've seen a lot of people saying the same. Thankfully I noticed before cooking/eating it. I got refunded for my turkey but the whole meal was ruined."

Jase was just one of a ton of people who took to Twitter to moan about the turkeys:

"Thanks @Tesco for ruining our Christmas," tweeted Karen Carter. "Disgusting turkey I had delivered on Friday stinking and rotten. Just had to throw away."

Jordan Shore, from Manchester, wrote: "Hi @Tesco we cooked a turkey from you today to find that it was totally inedible. Acid type taste is all I can describe."

Julie Duer wrote: "@Tesco very disappointed as had the worst Christmas ever. Bought your Finest Turkey for Christmas lunch and Christmas morning your turkey was off.

"Ruined the whole day as only get all my family together once every two years. Cheers Tesco."

Credit: Deadline News

Instead of spending their valuable time with family on Christmas Day, furious and h-angry customers also took to Facebook to vent about their wrecked roast.

"I was very excited and worked super hard to make and prepare Christmas dinner for my family for the first time ever but thanks to the Tesco I served them a rotten, rancid turkey that was inedible," Kirsten Shore from Stafford said.

"Not only that - the gravy was made from the turkey so that resulted in everyone's meal ending up in the bin. Thanks Tesco!"

Credit: Deadline News

One woman even reported that she'd had to apologise to her husband for blaming the 'funny' smell in her house on her husband's feet. Nope, just the rotten turkey.

A Tesco spokesman defended the company's record, saying the supermarket had sold 'hundreds of thousands of great quality British turkeys' this Christmas.

"We have exceptionally high standards so we will look to address the small number of complaints in recent days," the spokesman said.

"We will get in touch with each customer so we can investigate how these instances may have happened."

Looks like the rank turkeys were by no means an isolated incident. Bet that vegetarians were even happier to settle for their nut roast.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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