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Toddler Innocently Waves As Man In Handcuffs Is Put Into Back Of Police Van

Toddler Innocently Waves As Man In Handcuffs Is Put Into Back Of Police Van

Harry Murphy stood by the window saying 'bye bye' to the two police officers as well as the man who was put into the back of the police van

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

When we were smaller, we were always taught to treat everyone nicely, be kind and have manners - regardless of who is in front of you.

And this toddler is the best example of the lot as he became an internet hit after he was captured on video saying 'Bye bye' and waving while a man was put into the back of a police van by two officers.

Little Harry Murphy, who is 18 months old, can be seen stood at the window of his home in Wigan, Greater Manchester. The video highlights just how innocent kids are, doesn't it? What a character Harry is.

He can be heard shouting 'Bye bye' as he enthusiastically waves while a man wearing a hooded jacket is removed from one of the neighbour's houses and put in the back of the Greater Manchester Police van, according to the MailOnline.

The clip was filmed by Harry's dad, 32-year-old Liam Murphy, at around 6pm on Sunday evening

Liam posted it to Twitter and has since racked up over 40,000 likes and nearly 7,000 retweets.

One person commented: "Me waving goodbye to all my troubles."

Another added: "The innocence of this," while a third said: "This is definitely the absolute TWEET of the year! Amazing."

Someone else wrote: "Cold. Very cold for such a young child. I like him."

Speaking to the MailOnline, Liam said: "Harry loves the police as his auntie is a police officer. He saw the van and rushed to the window.

"When they brought the man out from the house in cuffs, Harry started waving 'Bye bye' to them. Harry's always stood at the window waving.

"He got a big garbage truck for Christmas, so he loves it when the bin men come every week and they always look out for him and wave back.

"Like I say, his auntie is a PC, so he loves anything to do with police, cars and vans."

This might be the best thing. Ever.

Liam added that the two officers didn't cause too much fuss, they didn't have sirens blasting and 'just parked up, knocked on the house and went inside'.

LADbible have contacted Greater Manchester Police.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MurphyWigan

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