Two-Year-Old Gives Pizza Delivery Driver A Hug Not Knowing He'd Just Lost His Daughter

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Two-Year-Old Gives Pizza Delivery Driver A Hug Not Knowing He'd Just Lost His Daughter

A video that shows a two-year-old child hugging a pizza delivery driver who had just recently lost his daughter has gone viral.


The family's doorbell camera shows delivery man Ryan Catterson delivery a pizza to the home of Lindsey Sheely on Saturday night, when her little son runs out to hug him.

Lindsey told NBC Montana: "As Ryan was walking away, my son just bolted past me, ran out the door, and put his arms up and just gave Ryan a big hug. Ryan just leaned into it, was really cute, really sweet. My son even tried to give him a kiss."


Afterwards, she uploaded the heartwarming video to Instagram to let her friends know what little Cohen had done.

She added: "I was laughing about it like, 'Oh, my gosh, Cohen just hugged this delivery guy. He's probably like OK?'

"Someone saw that I posted it, and told Ryan about it, who reached out to me. He's like, 'I think I was your pizza man would you mind if I shared that?'"

LIndsey was more than happy to share it and the two became friends on Facebook, and that's when she realised what the hug had meant to him.


Lindsey explained: "I went to his Facebook page and saw that recently lost his daughter. He had shared that the hug just meant so much more to him and that he just really needed a hug."

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

It was then that she realised that Ryan's daughter and unexpectedly passed away just over a week ago.

"That hug that we thought was something cute and funny, actually meant so much more," she added.


"I couldn't believe that this guy was going through the most devastating thing, but his life was still going on. His life had to go forward, and he still had to work and to do his job. You never know what people are going through. This is such a good example of that."

Speaking to NBC 10 Ryan said that his other children live out of state.

He said: "Just that it was the perfect timing for it, I had been telling my kids and the whole family how much I needed hugs before they came and then that sweet little boy gave me one," said Catterson. "It was almost as if the universe or my daughter had known and sent it to me."

Other members of Ryan's family even reached out to Lindsey to thank her for the video.


She added: "If I had been afraid to let Cohen run out the door because we don't know this man, and that's the world we live in, then we would've missed out on this entire touching moment that truly impacted not just Ryan's life but his entire family and mine."

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