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Woman Explains Why She Can't Shave Leg After Accident

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Woman Explains Why She Can't Shave Leg After Accident

A fitness fan has hit back at trolls who mocked her online for having a hairy leg after an accident left her unable to shave. Watch below:


Millie Mclay broke her leg when she was riding her horse in Richmond Park, London, in December.

The animal crushed her after slipping, then used Millie's leg to push off as it stood back up, leaving 23-year-old Millie with a high energy tibia-fibula compound fracture.


Her bone was left poking through her skin and she needed a frame to help heal her leg bone, and to avoid having it amputated.

Credit: Kennedy News
Credit: Kennedy News

But when Millie decided to use her experience to encourage others to stay active, she started to receive insults and negative comments about her leg on TikTok.

Trolls asked her if she was 'a boy', called her 'Chewbacca' and asked if she was 'growing her own Ugg boot'.


But Millie hasn't let them get her down, instead saying she might grow out all of her body hair now.

Credit: Kennedy News
Credit: Kennedy News

Millie from Richmond upon Thames, London, said: "I was so shocked that the shock factor of my videos wasn't the metal frame - it was the fact I had a bit of hair on my leg.

"I can't get my head around that people find it so disgusting when it's completely normal.


"The doctors have said that if I shave, little bits of hairs could go inside the holes, which could go into my bone. I still constantly have that risk of deep bone infection and I'd have to have my leg amputated.

"The reason I'm [not shaving] is to reduce the risk of infection.

Credit: Kennedy News
Credit: Kennedy News

"I didn't do it to make a stand or try and normalise body hair. Lots of people commented saying, 'Thank you so much for normalising body hair.'


"The comments [from trolls] didn't upset me. [They've] made me debate why I shave and think maybe I will just grow out my body hair. Who am I doing it for?

"I think it goes without saying that your health is more important than what it looks like."

She's now working to become a personal trainer while her leg heals, hoping to inspire others to stay active in whatever way they can.

Credit: Kennedy News
Credit: Kennedy News

But when she started posting videos and photos on social media, she started to get messages from men claiming to be shocked by how hairy her leg was.

One user asked: "Sorry for asking but I'm curious.... are you a boy or was one?"

Another said: "Chewbacca... I thought I lost you buddy. Did [that] awful storm trooper get you? Sorry, I had too."

But others came to her defence, saying that body hair was natural.

One TikToker wrote: "I don't understand those comments. It's just leg hair, it's not unhygienic or something. It's doesn't stink."

Another said: "She has a metal thing inside her leg... and people [are] worried about the hair?"

It was when Millie started posting on TikTok that people started to comment.

She said: "I posted one video where I made a joke about the comments I'd received from some men about my leg hair.

"I had about 20 followers at the time so didn't think anyone would see the video, but that's the first one everybody was talking about - I was so shocked.

"I wrote something like 'when an old man makes a comment about your leg hair' because I'd had that a little bit. They were shocked about the hair and that a woman could have so much.

Credit: Kennedy
Credit: Kennedy

"The reason is because this is four months of growth.

"Instagram has been a lot more supportive. There have been some nice comments on TikTok, [despite] the not very nice ones.

"The two messages I'm trying to get through is [there are] no excuses with working out. You can achieve your goals no matter what.

"I've had messages from young girls, aged 14 or 15, with photos of their arms and legs and saying, 'I didn't realise anyone was that hairy - what do you think of this?' It's funny they're coming to me.

"It's so sad. I've been there before this injury where I'd been at school and boys had said, 'You've got gorilla hairy legs.'

"Girls that age just see airbrushed photos online."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

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