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Women Shocked After Man Approaches And Says Their Swimwear Is 'Pornography'

Rebecca Shepherd


Women Shocked After Man Approaches And Says Their Swimwear Is 'Pornography'

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ggarbagefairy

A man has been filmed approaching a group of young women at the beach and telling them that their swimwear is 'pornography':


The women claimed that the man was 'harassing' them in Fort Collins, Colorado, after he stood and told them they should think about 'young eyes' next time they're at the beach and advised that they wear something more modest.

The group of nine women, who say they're all over 18 but that the man didn't ask their ages, claim that none of their bikinis were 'thong' style like the fella said but went on to add that even if they were it 'would not matter'.

The clip, which was posted on TikTok by one of the women called Mia (), shows the man asking the women: "Why do you dress this way?" To which someone replies: "I'm hot and I like women so please leave us alone. I'm at the beach in my bathing suit."

The man then goes on to tell them: "That's a thong and that's a bra. Take young eyes into consideration, they don't need to see pornography.... you're flaunting your stuff."

One of them women tells him: "I'm not flaunting nothing, don't look at me." To this, the man adds: "You look around and you're the only thing that sticks out because your whole body is showing."

The woman then tells the man: "Gouge your eyes out if I f******* bother you."

Credit: TikTok/ggarbagefairy
Credit: TikTok/ggarbagefairy

He then tells the group: "There's freedom of speech and if men of God don't stand up, then our society is going to go down the drain because there's no morality."

When one of the women tells him they're atheist, he comes back with: "That doesn't mean you've got to show your body off. You can still put clothes on. I'm speaking truth, your body will never, ever satisfy.

"There's a longing in each of your hearts to actually be seen. The reason why your showing your body is because you're like 'am I pretty enough?'.

"Just next time you come to the beach and there's young eyes, take that into consideration."

When the women ask whether he's going to go and speak to a topless man in the same way, the bloke tells them: "That's a lot different."

The women asked for the man to leave them alone and eventually stopped the filming.

Credit: TikTok/loganvandorn
Credit: TikTok/loganvandorn

The man that was recorded during the incident ended up making his own TikTok video to give his version of events and explain the reasons behind speaking to the group.

He said: "I was at a reservoir or a lake and I was with family members, all different ages," he went on to list that there were boys aged nine and six and girls aged four and two.

He continued: "I'd just come off the water from paddle boarding and somebody in my family said 'hey, we've got to move, there's some college age women here that are showing too much and I don't want my son or my daughters to see these things'.

"So right then and there I decided, just a righteous anger come over me and also just a boldness by the holy spirit to go in to confront these ladies and to speak truth that 'hey what you're wearing is not ok for a nine year old boy or a six year old boy.'

"Reason being is coming from and being introduced to pornography of a young age - it destroyed me and in that moment just a righteous anger to defend and protect young eyes came over me."

He concluded: "So, just to clear everything up, I'm not going to apologise I'm just going to say I'm going to continue to stand on the truth, I'm going to continue to stand on the word of God. Our society is on such a downcline [sic] of morality. Pornography and lust is at an all time high.

"People don't even know their gender anymore. If they're born a male they can be a female, if they're born a female they can be a male. Society is really jacked up."

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Rebecca Shepherd
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