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YouTuber's Video Of Wife 'Falling Off A Cliff' Turned Into A Meme

YouTuber's Video Of Wife 'Falling Off A Cliff' Turned Into A Meme

It was only a matter of time but the dramatic video of a woman 'falling off a cliff' has now been turned into a meme.


Earlier this month YouTube star Shonduras shared footage showing the moment his wife, Jenny, tripped and fell down a steep drop while out walking along a path in Hawaii.

But the internet is an unforgiving place, and while it may have been a 'life changing experience' for the couple, strangers weren't quite as concerned.

Sharing a condensed version of the 19-minute video, one person wrote: "wife cliff fall."

Another fan, however, took the opportunity to get a little creative with the video, ending it with the unlucky woman being blown up.


The caption said: "Please be with me and my family during this trying time. My wife fell off a cliff and then exploded."

Bit harsh.

Another person shared a screenshot from the original video showing the message at the beginning of the video warning viewers about the shocking footage they are about to see.

The tweet jokes: "Underrated moment from the now deleted Cliff Wife tweet."

Others called into question claims she fell off a 'cliff'.

Tweeting a screenshot of their search, they wrote: "Me after watching the cliff wife video."

When they originally posted the video, the description under the YouTube video said that they wanted to share it so we can learn from their experience, and 'keep trying to make everyday in your life THE BEST DAY EVER'.

It reads: "This really was a life changing experience that has changed our perspective on life, family, and each other. To not let the little things get to us and to really appropriate the time we have together."

Unsurprisingly, most people weren't as sympathetic with Jenny's fall as Shonduras was perhaps expecting.

One Youtube user wrote: "Seriously? When I was a teenager I fell off the top of a friend's barn onto concrete. That's about 30 feet. This fall was what? Maybe 6 feet? We jumped (and fell) further than this from the top of playground equipment in the 70s and 80s."

Another commented: "I mean did we have to see this? People are so thirsty for attention."

Someone else posted: "Was it worth becoming a meme? This will follow you..."

Another user said: "Nice to see the camera kept steady and filming while a so called loved one takes a nasty fall, have to make sure you do the important things first," with someone else saying: "Why are they being so dramatic? She was in very little danger of dying."

Hoax or not, cliff or hill, don't try this at home.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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