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Boy Falls 40ft From Roof But Is Saved By Landing On His Friend

Boy Falls 40ft From Roof But Is Saved By Landing On His Friend

A boy has escaped without serious injuries despite falling 40ft from a rooftop because his fall was broken by his mate.

That's some friend, that.

Admittedly, he didn't have much of a choice in the matter given that his friend just plunged straight down onto his head from a great height, but you'd have to imagine that the falling friend owes him at least a couple of pints - well, as soon as they are old enough to have one.

Miraculously, neither of them was badly hurt, which probably makes the one who fell feel better, too.


Swapnil Jagre had just finished shinnying up a drainpipe to bring down a kite that had become trapped up there when he lost his balance.

He fell three storeys towards the ground, and usually you'd think that would be it. Not many folks fall that far and don't end up with some form of life-changing injury or worse.

Luckily for young Swapnil his mate had just walked over to pick up the kite that had fallen to the floor and managed to be in just the right place at exactly the right moment.


The incredible moment was captured in its entirety by the CCTV cameras of a nearby building. It is pretty shocking footage, but we know it had a happy ending after all was said and done.

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The boys were playing with a kite to celebrate the Hindu festival of light, Diwali, back on November 11th. The incident took place in the Indian town of Pusad, in Maharashtra.

When they rushed home to tell their parents what had happened, they were met with disbelief. That disbelief soon turned to shock and relief once the terrifying video footage surfaced and proved that their story was true.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

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Swati Jagre, Swapnil's mum, said: "Seeing the footage, I can only say that it is by God's grace my son's friend broke his fall, and both of them escaped unscathed.

"It is like a second birth of my son."

That's good news, at least. You would also have to imagine that once the relief wore off she would have had some sharp words for her son about the pros and cons of climbing up drainpipes.

After all, they were both massively lucky to escape without being badly hurt. Just let the kite go next time, guys.


There won't always be a friend stood directly underneath to break your fall.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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